The finishes on builder-grade homes are always non-specific. This is so that builders can make a significant percentage of their income by updating the finishes. They rely on buyers who want their new homes finished to their specifications. 


Making those upgrades yourself is pocket-friendly, and it will save you a lot of money! Buying a building company home has a multitude of perks. However, the cost is the most crucial benefit. You’ve already paid a considerably lesser amount for the house, and there are many methods to make it unique and costly-looking at a quarter of the cost of a custom-built house. 


To drastically upgrade a building company house, all you need is a hacksaw, nails to help complete the woodwork, wood, and, most importantly, paint. If you have gotten all these things ready, then the tips to be shared in this article will guide you through customizing your builder-grade house for the best results adequately. Read on to discover more. 


How To Make a Builder Grade Home Appear Unique 

The possibilities are unlimited if you want to customize your builder-grade home. You’re probably beginning from scratch, which gives you an advantage. There aren’t going to be any costly shocks along the way. Here are some steps to guide you; 


  1. Flooring should be replaced

Builder-grade carpets or lino floors can be updated on your own. To achieve this, Vinyl plank flooring installation is a simple and inexpensive DIY project. Also, natural hardwood flooring is a better choice if you’re concerned about resale value. Vinyl sheet floor will not detract from the market value of your home, but hardwood will.


  1. Replace the closet door

The simplest, inexpensive interior doors are included in most builder-grade homes. You can replace those doors with a lovely barn door.


  1. Replace your kitchen cabinets

The tops of builder-grade kitchen cabinets have a gap between them and the ceiling. It never looks good and always ends up crowded with dust-gathering items.

Extending kitchen cabinets to the ceiling is an excellent way to personalize this space while also adding storage space.


  1. Frame builder grade mirrors 

The large mirrors that come standard in most builder-grade bathrooms are helpful but not particularly attractive. Try creating a large, stunning mirror yourself with DIY instructions!


  1. Replace or upgrade light fixtures 

Changing the light fixture can transform a room’s appearance completely. The most basic light fixtures should be included in builder-grade homes. If you aren’t good with electrical work, you should probably avoid changing these out independently. On the other hand, hiring an electrician is likely to be less expensive than upgrading it throughout the construction phase.


  1. Paint the vanity in the bathroom

By painting the vanity, you can give your bathroom a new look. Replacing the cabinet hardware, towel racks, and fixtures will also give your bathroom a new lease on life.



Many of us are currently cutting back on spending and deferring large purchases, but that doesn’t mean you can’t refurbish your home! This article entails builder-grade home design ideas that are economical but effective. With the tips here, you may get an entire room designed for a reasonable price, and you can make modifications to your schedule! 


When you’re done with the design, you’ll have everything you need to begin transforming your area as soon as your budget and schedule permit.