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Different activities are taking place over the internet as every second counts. While some internet users are uploading pictures, chatting, businesses are also using the web space to reach out to existing and potential clients within and beyond their demography. With competition for space and attention, the question is how to get your page to be a high flier on Google’s first page? The answer is quite simple: you can’t get to Google’s first page without search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is vital to your ranking on Google pages, just as you need to hire a professional to help you file for your tax or a doctor to help you on health matters. To improve your rating on the Google page, you must ensure you offer top-notch content for your targeted audience. The combination of creative content and Gold Coast SEO will give your brand a leap ahead of your competitors. 

Is Google’s first page significant?

As established earlier, the internet can handle a lot of data per second. As some contents are being deleted, some are reviewed, while some are fresh contents. It indicates that the internet has multiple users. As you are uploading your content on a particular subject on the internet, other users are also doing the same. As the biggest search engine, Google usually arranges ten websites per page. 

Sincerely, the competition to be on the first page is high because everyone wants their content to lead the park. For Google, emphasis is more on websites or links that meet their user demands, and that is why your content must be rich and creative than your competitors. Also, part of Google’s criteria for landing on its first page is the quality of your website, and your search engine optimization must be to notch. 

Why should you aim for the Google first page?

Above 30% of Google users usually click the links on the first page, while less than 25% click on the second page. So, if you want to enjoy a high level of traffic to your website or page, you must always aim for the first page. Any other page beyond the first and second page means less visibility for your web contents. 

How to be the first on Google’s first page?

Getting to the top of Google’s first page is tedious due to competition and the limited space. However, the task is not impossible, provided you hire a good digital marketer to help with search engine optimization. You must also ensure your content meets your targeted audience’s demands because search engine optimization may land you on the first page, but what will win you more traffic is your content quality.

What should you look out for in a digital marketing company?

Countless internet marketing firms are claiming to be experts in the field without proven results. Some even go the extra mile with their attractive website and glossy proposals to convince you they can handle the job. To be on a safer mode, below are the recommended criteria for selecting a digital marketing company: 

  • The digital marketing experience on the job
  • Customer review and references 
  • The company has a proven track record 


You being on Google’s first page impacts positively on your brand visibility over the internet. However, to be on the first page is similar to occupying the topmost space on a pyramid. For your content, website, or blog to maintain the first page on Google, you must invest in your website quality, create catchy and creative content, and search engine optimization to stay ahead of your competitors.