Electricity is extremely dangerous. When you have an electrical fault that needs repairing or a new major home appliance that needs installing, you need to be certain that the work is being performed by a reputable tradesperson. Like any other form of trade, electricians are required to be licenced before they can begin working.

Becoming a licenced electrician in Australia requires a considerable amount of both study and practical experience. When you hire a trade-certified electrician, you can be safe in the knowledge that your services are being completed by somebody with the necessary expertise to repair or install, all the while ensuring that the work will be done in a manner that ensures total safety for you and your family. Having a qualified electrician means that you’ll be able to call on them to handle any electrical related concern, rather than endure hassle and inconvenience of contacting multiple tradespeople to complete individual tasks. This saves you time and money.

The big question here of course is, how do you tell if they are licenced and what steps are involved in recruiting one? The following article explains everything you need to look for when it comes to identifying a licenced electrician operating in Australia.

Ask to see their licence class

Similar to motor vehicle licencing, there are multiple different classes of licence for electricians as well. While an electrician may be licenced, it’s important that they are licenced to undertake the specific class or category of work that they are performing. As an example, an electrician may hold a contractor’s licence, allowing them to work directly for you. On the other hand, an electrician who holds a regular licence is only permitted to work as an employee of an electrical business. Those with contractor licences are able to perform a range of specialist tasks such as electrical engine installation, development and construction of a switchboard and the maintenance and repairs of various other electric devices.

Specialist tasks

Upon confirming that your electrician is suitably licenced to perform the tasks that you’ve asked them to undertake, it’s a good idea to gain an understanding of what a range of different electricians have a specialisation in. As an example, you may be in the hunt for a new oven or air conditioner for your home and will therefore need to enlist the services of an electrician who has a proficiency with oven installations and/or smoke alarm installations. Their expertise would allow them to complete your installation sooner and with that, at a most likely reduced cost, owing to the shorter amount of time spent completing the installation.

Final word

If you require the services of an electrician, it’s imperative that they not only carry a electrician’s licence, but that they possess the correct class of licence for the job they are set to perform. Employing an electrician that is fully licenced to complete the work that you require of them, will ensure the best possible outcome for you.