Have you been wondering what kids’ craft project you can entertain your kids with this summer? Barefoot sandals are easy-to-make fun craft ideas, which are also gorgeous to wear. The kids sandals are made with beads and stretchy ropes, and wearing them gives an impression of footwear while you are barefoot. This project is ideal for kids of all ages and considering how fun the creation process is, most kids don’t know that they are also improving their creative skills simultaneously.

In this article, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to make barefoot sandals and all the tools and materials you’ll be needing. Hopefully, your kids will have a splendid time creating beautiful barefoot sandals and rocking their fabulous creations. 

So, if you have kids who are willing to test their creative sides, ensure to read this article to the end as the tips discussed here will offer great value to you and them, especially in their quest to get creative and make barefoot sandals. 


For this project, here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 mm elastic cord

– An assortment of craft beads: cross beads, pony beads, letter beads, star beads

– A pair of scissors


– For each pair of barefoot sandals, cut 24 inches of elastic cords (in two places)

Pick one of the elastic cord pieces and fold it in half. Tie a double knot close to the folded end, leaving a 1″ loop on the folded side of the cord.

– Pass three pony beads through the two free ends of the piece.

– Separate the two end pieces and pass additional 6-7 beads through each cord.

– Repeat this process with the other piece of elastic cord.

– Sit the child on a seat, ensuring that the feet are flat on the floor. Put the loop of one of the sandals through the second toe, then tie the elastic cords at the ends at the back of the ankle. Tie a knot behind the ankle, tugging gently to ensure the sandal doesn’t come off when worn. Using a pair of scissors, trim off any excess cord close to the knot. Repeat this same procedure with the other sandal.

After fitting, ensure to take it off carefully to avoid slacking and spilling your beads. To put on your barefoot sandals, put your foot through the large loop first, then around the ankle. Next, pull the small loop and put your second toe through it.


This barefoot sandal is an easy, fun, and entertaining craft your kids can engage in. With just stretchy cords and beads, they can create beautiful fashion pieces which they can wear.

A wide range of ages will enjoy making these simple fashion items, and they can get to express themselves through a variety of colors, designs, and bead types. With the simple steps given above, you can treat your kids to a fun holiday time of creativity.

So, why not encourage your kids to try out their creativity today and let them try to make barefoot sandals? Surely they will enjoy the experience, and you love the results you are set to get.