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Moving is mentally and physically exhausting-from the fact that you leave a locality where you have friends and family and have created roots to the physical task of packing and moving all of your belongings. The most physically exhausting task is, arguably, lifting heavy objects of furniture. The tips below will act as a guide to make moving that big furniture even a little easier.

  • Consider Dissembling It

Most furniture comes in bits and pieces that can be assembled and dissembled at will. While some items can be dissembled, others only have details that can come off. For instance, the furniture legs, drawers, and shelves. You might not think it will help much, but it could make a  difference as they will weigh less and be easier to maneuver. Be careful not to lose any furniture pieces.

  • Ensure You Have Help

Moving furniture is not a one-man job. Ensure you have an extra set of hands, or better still, several hands to help transport the furniture, thus protecting both the item and you. When enlisting helpers, make sure everyone knows the plan so they know what they are doing and so you can make necessary preparations.

  • Clear a path

It is essential to remove every obstacle on the way to the moving truck hire -not just the big stuff but the small miscellaneous items like children’s toys. This will reduce the risk of accidents. Ensure children and pets are in a safe place away from the hustle of the moving to ensure their safety.

  • Dress Appropriately

There is a suitable dressing for almost every activity. While moving heavy furniture, wear clothes that are breathable and flexible. Make sure the clothes do not have flying pieces that could get caught in anything. Your footwear should be sturdy, close-toed, and non-slip. 

  • Use mechanical help

Moving very heavy pieces of furniture with just your physical prowess can cause several injuries; back sprains and muscle spasms. It could also damage the furniture hardware should you accidentally drop it. Some mechanical help that is available include;

Dollies: This is a flat rectangular platform with wheels at each corner. It can handle all sorts of items, and the load is not confined. Its major drawback is that it cannot be used on stairs and you need help loading the furniture unto it

Moving Straps: These are of two types there are; the shoulder ones and the elbow ones. They consist of straps that you attach to the locations above and the furniture being moved. It lifts the item a few inches off the ground and allows you to move it easily. The shoulder straps can be used alone for not too heavy furniture. For heavy furniture, it is better to have a partner. They are the best for getting furniture down the stairs

Furniture sliders: This can be used to slide across flat surfaces but would not work on stairs. Sliders are small circular tools that you put on the stands or corners of the furniture. They enable the furniture to move smoothly across surfaces. It requires two people-one in the front to steer and the other at the back to push.


The thought of having to move very heavy pieces of furniture can make one frustrated. However, with the tips outlined, it will be a cakewalk

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