Beads are one fashion accessory that has been around for a long time, and with the passing decade, they do not go out of vogue but are remodeled.

Bead tips serve as a gracious method of hiding the inner work of the jewelry (i.e., how the jewelry was constructed). They are also called calottes or clamshells. They have a hole in them which helps in stringing materials to be neatly captured inside.

But when using a fine stringing material, you will need to put in extra work in ensuring the beads do not pull apart. However, if this occurs, you can reattach the bead strips and continue using your hands. Perhaps you are already wondering how this is possible. Well, this article will teach you. There are two methods to get this done, highlighted below.

Method one

Using the bead tip at the start of the necklace: the first step is to tie a quadruple knot at the end of the fire line. Four knots seem too much, but the knots ought to be bigger than the hole so the bead won’t slip through. Following this with a dab of G-S Hypo cement all over the knot ensures that it does not unravel.

Afterward, you can trim away excesses and sit the knot within the bead tip. Tug the knot slightly to confirm it is secure and won’t slip through the hole.

The next step is restringing. Here the strands of the rope separate before coming back again. The only point to pay rapt attention to in the threading is ensuring the animal beads are the right way up to prevent having a hilarious design.

Method two

Finishing the end of the necklace with knots. This is much trickier than the first method because you will have to pull the knots up, so there isn’t much slack within the bead string.

You could hack this process by using a seed bead that fits tightly inside the bead tip other than the regular bead.

To ensure it stays correctly in place, thread a fire line back through the bead twice or three more times.

For even extra stability, tie a double knot right above the bead. Like the first method, apply G-S Hypo Cement all over the Fireline before trimming away excesses. The G-S Hypo has a positive side of drying fast, maintaining flexibility, and allowing the needle tip easy access to the tightest position in the knot.

All that is left at this point is closing the bead tips, and you do not even need to remove the barrel clasp to do this.

And you are done!

Irrespective of the age of the necklace, a few Jewellry repairs can bring it back to a new, trending fashion object once again. Perhaps, that is the brightest part of owning such accessories. Fashion is a continuum, and old trends reemerge from time to time. 

That is why it is advisable to preserve your fashion items, no matter how old they may seem, for the times will cycle, and they will come in vogue once again.

Most times, they require only a few touches and no significant repairs. The tips we have discussed in this article will help you to reattach your bead strips or calories when they break. Surely, you can use your beads for longer periods now.