As one of the essential and most used rooms in your home, you will want to ensure that your kitchen remodels design is just right. Of course, we all want a practical and fully functional kitchen that transforms our home’s overall look, and a kitchen remodels is a sure-fire way to do this. However, this transforming remodel comes with a hefty price tag.

Indeed, kitchen remodelling can be pretty challenging, especially if you are on a budget, but that shouldn’t discourage you. The best way to save money on a new kitchen is to save on the little things and do as much of the fitting yourself as possible. Read on to get more money-saving tips for your kitchen remodel.

  1. Create a budget and a detailed plan

Creating and sticking to a budget is crucial when planning your kitchen remodel. This will help you stay on track and prevent overspending. As a general rule, you should set aside about 10% of whatever you are planning to spend. This will cover the cost of material transport, sales tax and other unforeseen expenses. 

Also, without a detailed plan, you can quickly go over budget. Before remodelling, create a detailed scope of work, including your kitchen designs, style, fixtures, material choices and finishes. This will help you work up an estimate and minimise potential last-minute design changes. Think about what you want to change in your kitchen and what you are reusing. The more fixtures that stay, the money you will save. 

  1. Do as much as the work yourself whenever possible

If you don’t mind sacrificing a few weekends, calling in a few friends and getting your hands dirty, then doing some of the work yourself is a simple and sure way to cut costs. The do-it-yourself approach allows you to pay for the materials while minimising labour costs. Interior painting, cabinets and flooring installation, changing light fixtures and outlets, and tiling are easy tasks you can do yourself and save money.

However, before taking on this DIY project, be sure you have the skills and tools to pull it off. A substandard job will cost you more in the long run if you have to hire professionals to correct your mistakes. 

  1. Use your existing kitchen layout

Maintaining your kitchen’s existing layout will help you save bigger on costs. Dramatically changing the layout requires more work, consequently driving up the cost of your kitchen remodel. Structural changes such as moving plumbing fixtures, tearing down or adding a wall, and running new electrical wires and gas lines cost much more labour and materials. 

In addition, reusing your cabinetry and old appliances will help you save a big chunk on costs. If your old appliances are in good shape, consider re-installing them. However, if you need to purchase appliances, consider refurbished items and ensure you scour the internet for the best deals on energy-efficient models that will help you save on running costs. 

  1. Have a meal plan for the remodelling period

It is no doubt that your kitchen remodel will take several weeks and may even extend into a month. During this period, your kitchen is not useable, so you need to have a temporary meal plan. Before you begin your remodel, batch cook large, freezable meals that you can heat whenever you’re ready to eat. 

  1. Choose your materials wisely

Some materials are far more expensive than others. It is important to choose materials that suit both your needs and budget. Take your time and do some research to find affordable options for you.

Ultimately, you can create a functional and beautiful kitchen that you’ll love for years to come without breaking the bank. Following our above tips, you can stay on budget and create your dream kitchen.

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