In our recent world, where almost every human endeavor has gone digital, including information sharing, blogging seems to be the new trend for most people. This is little wonder that many people, especially youths, and businesses own blogs today to help them communicate to specific audiences.

Indeed, the aim of creating content on your blog is for many readers to see it, and one way you can make your work discoverable by more readers is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is used to make your blog site/content more visible and easily discoverable by people who use browsers. Here are a few ways you can search engine optimize your blog content better ranking and visibility:

Focus on two long-tail keywords

Longer tail keywords are more impactful and make much more sense than shorter ones. Incorporating these keywords into your blog post will help you rank higher when you search for something similar to your blog post. Using many keywords in your post can make it seem unnatural. You want to generate traffic. That’s understandable, but you’ll still need to make your content as natural and unique as possible.

Strategically use keywords

Placing those keywords in strategic places like the headline/title, URL, the body of the content, and meta description is the best way to optimize your rank in search results.

Make your blog mobile-friendly

More people use mobile phones to search for stuff, compared to a laptop or desktop. You need to make your post mobile-friendly to generate more traffic to your website. You can make use of responsive design websites to achieve this.

Use the meta description to your advantage

The meta description is usually about 300 characters, and it is used to give the reader an idea of what the post is about before clicking the link to your post. This would determine if they click the link if not. Include keywords, and ensure your post is relevant and easy to understand.

Image alt text

Include images in your blog post. This helps to improve the experience of the user on your blog. An image alt text informs the search engine or browser on what the image is about.

Add backlinks

Add links to posts that are related to the kind of content you create. You can also add links to your previous blog posts. The presence of hyperlinks in your content makes it seem more trustworthy. This can improve your ranking in search results

Review metrics

The search analytics report section in Google’s search console can help you identify the keywords people use to search your content. This way, you would be able to get keywords to use when you create content.

Limit topic tags

Do not overuse topic tags. Although they can be useful in organizing and making your content more visible, when it is overused, it can be detrimental. When you use multiple similar tags for just one content, the search engine interprets it as multiple contents. Simply choose about 20 keywords that have been selected carefully and tag your post with these. You have to make sure they aren’t very similar.


Making your blog rank high in the search results when a person searches for something related to your content can help to generate more traffic for your blog. It surely isn’t an easy process, but using the tips mentioned above will help search engines optimize your blog content. Good luck to you!