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Nowadays, technological advancement has led to the adoption of the internet for digital marketing, especially by businesses. These businesses create blogs that are updated with content. These contents describe and promote the business services and goods while describing their unique qualities.

It is essential to note that blogs enable businesses to gain and increase organic traffic. Organic traffic can be described as the number of viewers or people with knowledge of the existence of something. Blogs help gain organic traffic by attracting first-time viewers and increasing traffic by attracting first-time viewers and by recommendations from viewers to other new viewers.

However, not every business knows how to use a blog to increase organic traffic. This article explains how businesses can use blogs to increase organic traffic by highlighting the reasons for reduced traffic and solutions to reduced organic traffic.

Reasons For Reduced Organic Traffic

It is easier to create a blog, but the same cannot be said for using a blog to increase organic traffic. It has been discovered that specific reasons are behind a blog’s reduced organic traffic. They are:

  1. Keywords: A famous strategy deployed in creating content on blogs is the use of keywords. However, these keywords can influence the amount of traffic the blog receives. By using irrelevant and outdated keywords, a blog is definitely going to experience reduced traffic. Keywords grow to become irrelevant mostly because, with time, the use of those keywords grows old, and for most blogs, this is the case as the keywords used in their contents are outdated.
  2. Duplicate contents: What makes a blog receive massive attention is its ability to stand out and be unique. When a blog is created to duplicate content like other blogs on a particular topic, the traffic is negatively affected because the blog becomes less attractive. Hence, reduced traffic.
  3. Broken redirects: This is common with blogs that have been optimized and their site address changed. When viewers are acquainted with a specific address before the blog’s address is changed. The blog is bound to experience a decline in traffic. Because when viewers try to access the new blog address from the old address, a broken redirect via error codes will occur.
  4. Missing links: This occurs when the number of links to a particular blog reduces or becomes void, thus reducing the amount of access to the blog and the blog’s traffic.

Ways Of Resolving Reduced Organic Traffic

The solutions to reduced organic traffic are summarized via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is best explained via the following methods:

  1. Keywords: For your blog’s traffic to remain on the increase, ensure that the keywords used in the blog’s contents are relevant. This is achieved by regularly updating the keywords in line with SEO standards.
  2. Unique content: Avoid duplicacy. Though the blog’s contents can be centered on specific topics, the amount of traffic it receives depends on how unique the content is. Hence, differentiating it from similar blogs.
  3. Avoid broken redirects: Optimizing content is much easier and cost-effective than optimizing blog addresses. Hence, when creating blog addresses, ensure that it is of quality to avoid any optimizations in future
  4. Regularly check for missing links and update them.


Blogs are the most efficient online medium to increase traffic and create awareness. Hence, this article explains how to use blogs to increase organic traffic.