Diamond drilling can be an easy task if carried out the right way using the best equipment. However, it can also be tricky if not done adequately.  Although various types of equipment are available in the market, you should prioritize the perfect one when making your choice. When buying diamond drilling equipment, consideration must be given to the operation, size, portability, weight of the machine. This article is set to discuss more on these considerations.

Some types of diamond drilling machines are lightweight, portable diamond core drilling machines and rigs. These drilling machines are suitable for drilling through floors, concrete blocks, wells, and walls. Other electric diamond machines are handheld electric, handheld and rig mounted electric, rig mounted electric, and the handheld electric mini. Despite some level of similarity in this equipment, they also have their distinctive functions.

How to increase the productivity of your diamond drilling equipment

Most diamond drilling companies invest heavily in their equipment to increase productivity and output. However, there are situations where things don’t go as planned due to mechanical failure of the drilling machine or some technical issues which may take time to fix. So, if you are a drilling professional or work in a diamond drilling company, then you’ve just hit your jackpot. In this piece, you will learn various tips on making your diamond drilling equipment more productive. Enjoy as you read along.

Handheld electric mini

This diamond drilling equipment is most suitable for drilling holes on tiles, natural stone, and concrete. You can also use them for drilling on gravestones and countertops. Also, you can use it for eradicating cracks and suitable for preventing shock while working.

Handheld electric machines.

The handheld electric machines are designed to drill holes in natural stones and concrete walls or floors. The advantage these machines have is that they are way faster than rotary hammers and perfect for attachments and installations. Most drilling companies usually use handheld electric machines because it helps prevent shocks, dust splashing, and vibrations.

Handheld & rig-mounted electric machines 

Last but not least is the handheld and rig-mounted electric machines. These machines are unique in the sense that they can drill up to 5-inch holes in cinder blocks, brick stone, and limestone, including any other rough patch or surfaces. For diamond drilling companies, these machines are adopted because they are fast and can carry out drilling in a quick time.

Aside from handheld machines, other types of drilling machines are hydraulic machines. These hydraulic machines are also of two types, namely:

Handheld hydraulic machines

Rig-mounted hydraulic machines

One of the unique things about hydraulic machines is that they can operate mechanically and operate up to optimal capacity using an electronic power source. Some of the reasons diamond drilling companies adopt the machine are that it is easy to operate, maintain, and durable.


Final thought 

The drilling industry is getting wider in scope daily as different frontiers are being explored. To meet operators’ demand, drilling machine manufacturers have continually ensured new machines are designed to meet modern-day drilling expectations.

To ensure your drilling machine functions efficiently, you should only use drilling machines suitable for your working area. It will be out of place to buy handheld & rig-mounted electric machines where you need handheld electric machines. Furthermore, to make your drilling machines highly productive, you must ensure they are appropriately maintained as at when due.

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