Selecting the correct type of window treatments to use in your home or office can be overwhelming, especially since you have several options to choose from. There are different types of interior blinds, materials, functionalities, and features, mounting options, etc. So before heading out to get the perfect pair of shades for your windows, you might want to consider having prior knowledge of the products and their specialty. 

Blind is fast becoming the most popular form of window treatment these days. It’s no wonder why many manufacturers have different styles to offer. There are, however, two prevalent types of blinds in the market; wood blinds and vinyl blinds. Wood blinds are timeless beauties. Real wood blinds are made of natural wood, so they are luxurious, glamorous, and regal. In summary, they look lovely and blend greatly with all décor styles.

On the other hand, Vinyl blinds are pretty new to the market but have created a lot of stir. They are practical window treatment solutions and enjoy quite a solid fan base. Keep reading to discover more about wood and vinyl blinds.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are fast becoming popular these days. They are classic vertical and horizontal blinds that have been adorning homes for quite some time now. You can find various colors and styles in vinyl blinds. The two main features that differentiate them and make them a popular choice among people is their affordability and low maintenance, so if your home has many windows, vinyl blends can help you save more money for other home improvement projects

Vinyl blinds are also highly moisture-resistant. Since they are made from plastic materials, they can survive under harsh conditions and not perish when exposed to moisture and humidity for a prolonged period. Also, they are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned. All you need to keep it functioning and in good shape is a little vacuuming or cleaning at intervals. Lastly, Vinyl blinds are very affordable. If you’re looking for a practical yet fashionable, durable blind, vinyl is a perfect choice. 

Amidst all the advantages that come with vinyl wood, we still can’t downplay the downside that comes with it as well. If you’re planning to get vinyl wood for your home or office, you have to be cautious, as most vinyl blinds are often made from cheap plastic of poor quality. Do well to carefully check the quality of the blinds before making a purchase.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are made from real and natural wood. Natural wood has a unique quality and substance from other blinds. They are show stealers and stunners. Wood blinds can blend beautifully and seamlessly with your home. Irrespective of the décor style, be it modern, traditional, contemporary, or rustic. Their classic beauties give a regal and luxurious feel to the house. Natural wood has a warm and comforting feeling that is mesmerizing.

Wood blinds are among the best to give your home a rich textured, luscious, royal ambiance look and functionality. You can never go wrong with them. They are long-lasting, lightweight, and easy to install and operate, giving the finishing touches to any décor.

However, not all windows are a good candidate for wood blinds. Wood blinds tend to be very heavy, so when installed on a large window, they can be challenging to raise and lower. In most cases, the stress on the inner cords can cause them to break prematurely. Also, wood can expand and contract with changes in moisture; this can lead to twisting and warping of the vanes – especially in lower-quality wood blinds. Therefore, they are not suitable for high moisture areas like the bathtub, kitchen, etc. 


And there you have it; all you need to know about wood and vinyl blinds. I’m sure you now know which blind is best for your home or office.