With the lockdown restrictions easing up, things are slowly returning to the way, or almost the way they once were, and schools are not left out either. Students who had to take most classes online now have the opportunity to go back to their classrooms and meet up with friends. But there is one question that weighs heavily on the mind of parents, “Is it safe to send my toddler back to Daycare?”

Although things might look like they are going back to normal, there is no denying that the pandemic has not simply vanished. And why it is easier for older children to adhere to rules and regulations of proper hygiene, wearing masks, and social distancing. It is not so easy with kids who are constantly in motion and do not seem to understand the implications of the rules put in place thoroughly.   

And as such, you can imagine why many parents are reluctant to send their toddlers and preschoolers back to Daycare. In a survey carried out by Maven, the women’s and family-health startup, it was discovered that as of August 2020, 63% of mothers were still undecided about whether or not it was wise to send their children back to school. 

But eventually, these parents have to make a decision. Working a six to eight hours job and taking care of a toddler full-time is bound to take its toll. This article will discuss some essential things you should know before deciding whether to send your kids back to school or not. 

Should you send your kid back to Daycare? Your kid will most likely be fine

According to Cindy Lehnoff, director of the National Child Care Association, “Unlike many teachers in public schools, early childhood professionals are trained in the physical care of children. Because of the ages of these children and state regulations, there’s always been an emphasis on the health and safety side.”

Child Daycares are mandated to follow safety rules to ensure that the children in their care are well protected. To be rest assured, experts suggest you carry out inquires about cleanliness, the protocol on social distancing, and ventilation. It also helps to ask other parents too, get referrals- as much as possible.  

As parenting expert Gigi Schweikert said, “what really is important is trust. You are going to need to check off all the boxes to make sure people are cleaning, making sure the air really good. Once you have made the checklist, you have to say as a parent, ‘Do I trust these people with my most important thing, which is my child.’”

There is no specific answer as to whether you should send your child back to Daycare. What you have to put into consideration are the pros and cons and see which outweighs the other. You might want to start homeschooling your kid, and if you can handle it, then go ahead. If your kid has an underlying medical issue, it’s best to postpone resumption for a little while. 

You are the parent, and it is within your discretion to do what is right for your family. 


The outbreak of coronavirus caused a lot of activities around the world to stop for some time. Thankfully, though, things are going back to normal. This article has discussed the top essential things you should consider before deciding whether to send your child back to school or not.