While we are sure the majority of people enjoy the hot Gold Coast weather, we know nobody enjoys a warm drink on a hot summer day. So, whether you are just looking to keep your drinks cool at a party or are catering an event, you are likely to need the cold room hire Gold Coast service from Kleer Cold Room Hire. 

What else do we know? We know that nobody enjoys receiving high power bills, that’s why we present you this blog with tips on how to keep your cool room cold without doubling your power bill. Further down in the blog you will find information on what you should look for when hiring a cold room. 

Tips to Keep Your Cold Room Cool

First of all, it may seem obvious, but don’t keep your cold room anywhere where the sun is directly on it. Some people assume because it’s a cold room it can withstand the heat from the sun, while this is possible, it also causes the cold room to work extra hard and your power bill will increase as a result. 

Secondly, maintaining a consistent temperature will help you save money considerably. Now, you may be wondering what you can personally do to ensure that once set, the temperature remains constant. The easiest way is to only place items in the cold room that are already cold, thereby the cold room doesn’t have to waste any energy cooling down an item that is warm. 

Further tips to help maintain the temperature include allowing for hot food to at least cool to room temperature before placing it in the cold room. One of the best things you can do as well to keep the temperature consistent is to absolutely not mess with the temperature. Moreover, avoid opening the door – it may sound simple but sometimes some of the most simple methods are the most effective methods. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Cold Room 

Knowing what you should be looking for in a cold room can be confusing. Knowing you need one and knowing what to look for are two different things. So, we have compiled a list to make your life easier. 

Firstly, a cold room that has temperature monitoring is definitely ideal. Control over the temperature will allow you to use the fridge for different events and store different drinks and food items at different times without anything spoiling. 

Secondly, it is always important to keep safety in mind. There’d be nothing worse than having your whole event organised only to have your mobile cold room rolling away – so, make sure there is a mechanism to stop it from rolling out of place. 

Finally, think about what you need from the cold room, e.g., how much space you need, how many shelves, how many people are you catering for? If you are ever a little unsure, it’s always best to go for a little extra storage space.