If your child’s birthday is just days away, then planning their birthday will be one of your mind’s engagements. Birthdays are one of the most important times for kids as it is when they get the most attention from their parents- and get pampered the most.

As parents, you must start thinking of ways to give your child the best birthday party celebration. You can do this by celebrating them in places where they can get more excitement than their last birthday- not where you celebrated it before.

For one, kids love to be surprised every year. So surprised them by changing the birthday ideas and thrilling them with something completely different and exciting. To help you achieve this dream, we will be sharing some exciting kids’ birthday party places for your child’s delight.

Location Ideas For Birthday Parties For Kids

The best way to surprise your kids during their birthday parties is by planning it on time—plan online and in secret. Kids love surprise birthday parties so, instead of organizing an in-house party, try something more interesting and fancy. You can start by trying out any of the following ideas regarding birthday party places for kids.

Restaurants/Fast Food

Kids love to eat in their favorite restaurants. And there is nothing your kids will love the most than having their birthday parties celebrated in their favorite restaurant or fast food. Although you might be a bit watchful of your child’s intake of food but ensure they enjoy the best, yummy, and delightful meal possible.

Add some delightful cake that is totally different from the last time, including a special burger and other available pastries.

Public Places

A lot of people think organizing a birthday in the park can be uninteresting. But if some kids love it, then it means there has to be something interesting about it. 

Get a public park reservation and plan a lovely birthday celebration for your kid. Kids love the swing and other fun activities. You can also add some games to make the party more interesting, like renting an inflatable bouncing castle. More so, get a park that provides grilling service so that you can have a barbecue for your kids.

Amusement Parks

Another amazing place for kids’ birthday parties is amusement parks. Kids love to have fun in amusement parks, but if your child is not a fan of outdoor games, you can take them out for a celebration in the theme park. 

Lots of kids love the roller coaster, while others love to play the mini-golf. You can also organize a museum or zoo trip for them.

Swimming Pool

One of the fun kids find irresistible is a deep swim. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday party in a venue with lifeguard staff on the ground to keep an eye on the kids. Make available relay races with kickboards, rafting, and other water games.

One beautiful part of a water party is that adults can also get to have a dive too.

The Mall

The mall is another exciting place for kids. If your kids love animations or kids’ movies, you can take them to the movie theatre. There are also other exciting activities to give your child the best birthday celebration, like organizing, like ordering some yummy meals or gift shops.


Birthday is a once in a year experience, so you must make your child’s birthday a memorable experience by providing the right atmosphere and fun. Also, it is important to note that some of these locations demand to be booked sometime before the date. In this article, we are sure you have an idea of all the kids’ birthday party places to express the debt of your love for your child.