The peace and tranquility of Australia invites anyone looking for a place to settle in. The area is known for its festivals, and absolutely tasty food has an amazing ambiance with great people to match. It is a great place to have a child and grow a family. However, what happens when you have to go to work? Who looks after the child? This is where child care centers come into play. 

Many new parents face the dilemma of how to locate the best child care centers in the Australian city. It becomes a huge hassle as parents struggle to get the child care centers with the values that meet their standards. However, if you are struggling to get a child care center for your ward, the article is for you. 

Many child care centers boast of the quality of providing premium care for your baby. Parents want a center that their children can learn and grow as kids with a bright future. Here are the child care centers in Adelaide that empower kids and give you the desired results you are looking for. 

MacKinnon Parade Children’s Center

If you are a fan of nature, trees, and lush green leaves, then you would love the quiet ambiance of the MacKinnon Parade Children’s Center. It is located in North Adelaide, close to the Parklands. It is a blend of nature and animals as the children can hear monkeys and sight the giraffes and others animals in the zoo from a safe distance. 

The center has a team of experienced educators who have a great curriculum for children to learn and grow. They offer a hands-on feel to all the children as they teach their children with passion and love. 

City Community Children’s Center

This is one of the oldest and still a reputable child care center in Adelaide. It has been in existence since 1987 and offers quality child care and education to children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. This category is for the daycare; the center has another category for children, which is the evening/ night care. The center is built on the family legacy and offers a solid framework in education, societal issues, and diversity. 

Guardian Early Learning

Last but certainly not least is the Guardian Early Learning, renowned for its activities and a rich vein of educational programs for the kids. The children go on trips and connect with the neighboring communities. 

The center also has an on-site cook that prepares meals for the kids and educators skilled in the art of passing knowledge onto young ones. If you are looking for a comprehensive child care program in Adelaide, Guardian Early Learning is a great choice. 



These three picks have a unique ambiance and an incredible team of experts that will give their all to educating and ensuring the well-brig of the children in their care. Therefore, you don’t need to struggle with your choices anymore; these three centers have stellar reviews from parents and organizations that have partnered with them in the past. Surely, you will not have any regret about choosing any of them for your child.