A logo is used for pictorial representation of a brand, business, or organization; thus, it can be described as an identity. Every business, organization, or brand’s logo must adopt specific qualities that make it representative. These qualities include:

  • Being informative,
  • Being attractive and appealing irrespective of size and location,
  • Being unique,
  • Being representative,
  • Being consistent, and more.

These qualities reiterate that “a logo is the face of the organization, brand, or business.” Over the years, there have been diverse logo trends, and being updated with the trends is vital when designing a complete logo. This is because the trends can be incorporated into your logo designs.

This article will highlight some of the latest logo trends for 2022 to help your business, brand, or organization maintain a consistent presence. It is essential to note that some of these logo trends are precious trends making a comeback. These trends include:

  1. Gradient: This requires fading different colors into each other. This trend has existed for a while and is still very much in use because of how it incorporates much detail and improves quality. An excellent gradient appears cohesive and fluid. The merit of this feature is it allows your logo to be used universally.
  2. 3D logos: This feature allows for depth and perspective where your designs can mimic real-life traits. This trend has been in existence since the early 2000s but went out of favor. However, with the growing attention to digitization, it has resurfaced and is making waves. This trend must be minimal when designing your logo and is not for everyone. This is because the benefits are more pronounced when used in digital logos.
  3. Animations: This permits originality, dynamism, and storytelling. This trend’s beauty is that businesses can add more context to their logos and captivate their audience. However, they also need to be conscious not to do too much so the animated logos do not become annoying and distracting. Keeping a subtle touch and building around your brand’s qualities is essential. The restraint to this trend is that it can only be used in digital representations.
  4. Nostalgic vibes: This trend can be described as a strategy where you identify your target audience and design a logo that can trigger some nostalgic and beautiful memories. It allows for total uniqueness and flexibility by incorporating a mix of old and modern trends in your logo design.
  5. Monochromatic color schemes: This trend might appear simple but very complicated as it requires using a single color to design your logo. Be attentive to the color used because it must represent the brand. The color can be broken into different shades when designing. It is an effective trend that has been present and is still existing.
  6. Other logo trends that are significantly making a comeback in 2022 are hand-drawn details (freehand drawings), typography-focused (using text-based logos), brush strokes (similar to the hand-drawn but using different brush types), and more.


Successful businesses, brands, and organizations understand the importance of keeping up with logo trends to brand building and maintaining a consistent presence. This article has helped identify some logo trends coming back in 2022 to aid you in brand building.

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