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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Touchdown Tendencies

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to their first ever Super Bowl in February, losing to the New England Patriots. The Bucs enjoyed a monster season on both sides of the ball, and were tied for first in the NFC South with Atlanta. And a big reason for that success was their excellent offense, which racked up most of the big numbers in 2016.

In fact, this is the first time since their Super Bowl appearance in 2015 that the Bucs have finished with a positive net passing yardage margin, which is their top mark of the decade.

Start by taking a look at the career numbers for Bucs’ QB Jameis Winston and see what you can learn from those.

Jameis Winston is averaging 331.5 passing yards per game in his career (read more: Seven Failed Strategy Choices in Winston’s NFL Career)

As you can see from the graph above, in his career, Tampa Bay’s starting QB has averaged well over 300 passing yards per game, but so far this season, he’s on track for only 291.2. That’s not exactly a startling number, and looks like it’s going to get even better in 2017 as Winston puts together another fantastic campaign. But what’s most interesting is how the number has increased each of the past three seasons, despite a huge drop in some other key passing statistics.

As a result, Winston’s current career high for passing yards per game is actually higher than the previous season’s high, which is why you see that number drifting upwards in most years.

Jameis Winston career Quarterback Profile Game By Game Minutes Carries TD Passes Rating YPT/G 20 467 17 119 1.64 5.3 14 2 121.1 4,83 5 13 161.8 4.3 14.9 7 2 162.7 4.8 23.6 13 3 169.4 4.46 35.8 14 2 180.5 4.7 45.7 17 2 189.1 4.43 54 14