The sole purpose of fashion images is to capture the eyes of its audience and show the beauty of fashion and clothing. Only the legends have indeed brought fashion photography into the limelight. There are a lot of famous photographers out there, doing the art proud and wowing our brains out. You know these legends, the likes of Amsel Adams and Helmut Newton, who have taken creativity and imagination to the next level in photography.

Newer talents have been surging and are yearning to create art and decorate the fashion photography world in their different colors. It’s something we absolutely love to see. Young and emerging creatives are showing extraordinary potential, and one of such people is Jvdas Berra.

Who is Jvdas Berra

Jvdas Berra is a fashion and fine art photographer from Latin America who is simply unconventional in taking his photos. He’s one of the legends who revolutionized fashion photography with his art. His pictures are simply breathtaking and portray a mix of feelings, fantasy, and reality. There’s something about his photos that leave you there, mouth open, and captivates. 

He has worked with various modeling agencies, designers, advertising campaigns, and fashion magazines. Some of the magazines that have published his photos include Glamour, Forbes, InStyle, GQ, and Marie Claire. His photographs have also been exhibited in numerous fine art galleries in New York and California alongside the work of other world-class artists.

Because of his talent and hard work, as shown in the quality of photos he makes, he has been able to gain recognition locally and internationally. Some of his popular works include


  1. The Lost Geisha

The lost geisha is a mix of colors of vibrance and life. It pictures a beautiful young maiden in stunning make-up and attire and an umbrella that hung across her shoulder. She exudes royalty and confidence as she walks through a field of flowers. These are just some of the distinct features of the photo that almost looks like a rare painting. The rich blend of colors was nicely put together.

  1. Giza
  2. The devil wears an angel
  3. The Blood Oracle
  4. Autumn for the elephants.

In all his photos, one thing is clear. He is extraordinarily creative, and he’s good at what he does. According to him, most of his ideas came from his imaginations or dreams, and he uses this creativity to open windows to worlds of fantasy and perfection in his words. This is no lie, as his pictures are breathtaking. 

What does Jvdas Berra Believe in? 

He believes in using art to change the world positively and put an end to war and violence; like many of the young photographers who have shown incredible skill and ability, he’s gradually making a mark in the world of photography. His photography started as a hobby, and now, he’s progressively making waves and passing across different artistic messages with his work. 


So yes, if you love photography (or any other thing or art), you could start it out to see where the path leads you. Investing in your craft takes a lot of discipline and, most importantly, courage, but if you haven’t started and it’s what you want to do, go for it. We hope you have been inspired by Berra’s story.