A house’s beauty can be improved with the addition of various facilities. The part of a house mostly tweaked because of the attention it receives is outdoor. The outdoor describes the house’s beauty before assessing the house’s interior. The outdoor part gives the first impression of how beautiful the house is before assessing the inside of the house.

If a house’s outdoor looks are unclean, it makes the house unattractive, and if houses outdoor are clean, it makes the house attractive and appealing. The use of various facilities to improve house exteriors has become a norm. These facilities range from swimming pools to lawns and several others.

Lawns are characterized by grass bedding in an outdoor space and exist in two forms: live lawn grass and artificial grass. The types of lawn used in decorating your outdoor depend on preference. Irrespective of the lawn type, they offer the outdoor house a more natural and unique appearance.

Today’s common debate concerning lawns is, “artificial lawn’s grass is better than live lawn’s grass.” However, this article provides a clear insight into this topic by highlighting the merits and demerits of artificial and live lawn grass.

Live Lawn Grass

These lawns are made using real-life grasses. These grasses are grown to form green bedding on loose topsoil.


Many Prefer live lawn grasses for various reasons, and these are some of the reasons:

  1. Affordable: These lawns are affordable to install because they require less income to start. All they require is little money, labor, and farming equipment. Hence, many prefer installing this lawn because it requires little money to install.
  2. Heat resistant: The presence of natural grass and soil bedding underneath makes the lawn warn to the feet. It absorbs heat and, in turn, releases a warm temperature. This makes the lawn very warm and an ideal place for relaxing.


Live lawn grass is a good fit for any outdoor seating, but various factors make people prefer artificial lawn grass. They are:

  1. Cost of maintenance: live lawns cost more to maintain because they require regular grooming and mowing to preserve the lawn’s beauty.
  2. Pollution: although all live plants release oxygen into the atmosphere while respiring, the machines and equipment used in maintaining the lawn release harmful substances to the environment resulting in pollution.

Artificial Lawn Grass

These lawns are made from artificial materials: synthetic fiber, plastic, or cotton and look like live lawn grass.


These advantages are why people prefer these grasses. They are:

  1. Cost-efficiency: Though artificial lawn grass is expensive to acquire when the cost of maintenance and installation is considered, the money is worth it. Artificial lawns require little or no maintenance to preserve their beauty.
  2. Eco-friendly: Since there is little or no maintenance with these lawns, there is no use for machines and equipment that pollute the ecosystem. You also save water with these lawns.
  3. Artificial lawns last for long periods. By default, they can stay for 15-25yeats.


These lawns are not heat resistant because, during hot seasons, the materials they are made from cannot absorb the heat resulting in the lawn reflecting the heat instead of absorbing it.


The choice of lawn grass to use in improving a house’s aesthetic depends on preference. While we homeowners opt for artificial grass, others prefer live lawn grass. Whichever choice you make, though, you should know they come with their merits and demerits. Luckily, this has article provided information that will guide your choice.