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A primary cause of concern when moving is how to protect the goods and properties being transitioned. Most do not understand that good’s well-being is considered when packing and arranging the items and when loading and unloading the goods and properties. They often think that the goods and properties are protected by how well you package them. 

It is essential to note that during the transition, the truck’s movement can cause damage to the goods and properties when not loaded correctly in the truck. This article will highlight how to load a moving truck correctly and detail the equipment needed when lifting heavy objects to a moving truck.

Equipment Needed When Loading A Moving Truck

Specific equipment(s) is essential when loading a moving truck hire. These equipment(s) ensure that the quality of the goods remains uncompromised throughout the transition. They are:

  1. Straps and Strings: These tools are used to hold properties in a sturdy position. They ensure that the goods are well-fastened to the truck to avoid spillovers when moving.
  2. Padding: These tools are used to reduce damage resulting from the collision of properties as the truck is in motion. Some examples of padding include foams, clothes, and more.
  3. Moving blankets: They are used to cover items in the truck, so there are no scratch cases from collisions when the truck is in motion.
  4. Masking tapes: This tool is used to protect the vertices and edges of frames when placed in the truck and is also used in sealing packing boxes.
  5. Packing boxes: They store and preserve small items like breakables, antiques, and more.

Factors to Consider When Loading A Moving Truck

There are specific factors to consider when loading truck rental, and these factors are:

  1. The truck’s motion: A primary reason why properties are at risk when moving is that packed goods tend to move and collide with one another when the truck is in motion, resulting in damage. Understanding the motion of goods in trucks when moving is a side-to-side motion; thus, goods should be packed to restrict this motion.
  2. Space: Goods only have the freedom to love when there are pockets of space. This occurs when the goods are not packed correctly.
  3. Order: There is a specific order to follow when packing goods. This order ensures that the risks associated with a move concerning the well-being of goods are minimal.

How to Properly Load A Moving Truck

  1. Boxes go first: The order for packing a truck hire is that the smaller items in boxes go first such that they are arranged against the wall of the trucks.
  2. Secure the boxes using straps.
  3. Use your mattress as padding to press the boxes firmly to the truck’s wall.
  4. The furniture follows as they are arranged against the truck’s wall.
  5. Other large items can be placed between the furniture.
  6. Make use of pillows and clothes to close tiny pockets of space 
  7. Secure the furniture to the walls using straps.
  8. Items that cannot be stacked between the furniture should be placed at the back of the truck and firmly secured to the truck’s walls using straps. This is to avoid the items from falling over when the truck’s door opens.


Properly packing a truck hire prevents accidents and damage to goods and belongings. The details provided above will guide you through packing a moving truck properly.