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There is always a pleasant feeling that comes with moving to a better apartment. You will likely feel all excited and a bit anxious about the relocation. However, a lack of preparation can lead to specific issues that can halt that pleasant feeling and make way to worry. Moving can be very, very stressful at times, especially if you intend to do it yourself. If you have moved to a new apartment before, you’ll understand this more. The thought of the work you have to put in alone can make you want to reconsider. Nevertheless, moving can also be enjoyable sometimes, all depending on how well you have prepared.

 Preparing to move to a new place has several linings to it, from picking the perfect day to relocate to deciding how to package your goods well for the move. However, between these struggles to be well prepared for your big day, a critical aspect that needs to be sorted way before time is how to move your belongings to your new apartment. For years now, moving trucks have been the stand out choice for moving properties to a new location. The advantages of renting a moving truck, among others, are: 

  • A truck rental offers you complete control of the truck for as long as your rent is valid  
  • You can rent any size of truck you want, depending on the size of the load you intend to move 
  • Renting a moving truck is far more affordable than other means of transporting load 
  • It is a convenient means of transporting goods for both short and long-distance moves 
  • Truck rental companies often have branches nationwide, and you can return the truck to any branch closest to you after your move. 

Helpful Tips For Renting a Moving Truck 

  1.   Approach multiple rental agencies: If you wish to get a good deal for rental trucks, you should search for various moving truck agencies close to you. Also, make a record of the services they offer, and compare their rate per day. This will help to select the agency that will serve you best. 
  2.   Book the truck beforehand: Like every other truck rental service, making a reservation for a truck earlier will ensure that you have enough time to handle any difficulty that may arise during the booking process. 
  3.   Conduct a check on the truck: After selecting your desired truck from the rental agency, you are expected to check the truck for possible faults to avoid a breakdown on your big day. 
  4.   Weigh up your load: Many people who fail to quantify their load before making a moving truck rental tend to regret their decision. And it is because they almost always end up getting the wrong truck size. 

Renting the correct truck at the right time can significantly ease up the trouble of DIY packing. However, it does not end at just getting the right truck. You have to know how to pack up your loads in the truck properly. Some essential tips for loading a moving truck include: 

  • Get an appropriately sized truck that can transport your goods in one trip 
  • Invite friends to help you with the packing 
  • Load the larger items first before loading in the smaller and lighter ones 
  • Assemble longer items such as the couch, large cabinets, and tables in an upright position 
  • Roll up rugs to minimize space consumption 
  • Avoid making one side more decadent than the other by making sure all loads are distributed evenly. 

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