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naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 4 wii iso por torrentDevelopment of a multi-parallel PCR-based multiplex typing of Klebsiella pneumoniae for epidemiological surveillance of epidemic-prone clones.
Klebsiella pneumoniae is one of the major opportunistic pathogens for immunocompromised patients. Based on genetic differences in capsular polysaccharide (K antigen) and virulence plasmid-encoded fimbrial adhesins, K. pneumoniae can be categorized into hypervirulent (K1, K2, and K5), intermediate (K3), and avirulent K57 capsular types, as well as non-typable strains. We report development of a new high-resolution multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based typing technique to distinguish between K. pneumoniae clones known for their high capacity to cause pneumonia and biofilm infections, and their higher degree of virulence. Hypervirulent K1 strains were isolated from tracheobronchitis of a man and an immunocompromised woman, a K2 strain from pneumonia of a man with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an avirulent K57 strain from bacteremia of an infected diabetic man, and an intermediate K3 strain from pneumonia of a man. The PCR-based typing revealed that the man with bacteremia had been suffering from a K57 infection for many years, whereas the man with tracheobronchitis was colonized and infected with a K2 strain. This is the first report of a K2 hypervirulent strain in Spain. Furthermore, we report a relationship between patient age and K antigen: K1 strains were isolated from older patients (median 69 years), whereas K2, K3, and K57 strains were predominantly isolated from children (median 2 years).Q:

Retrieving the row number on page change

The web app I’m building has a page where the user can view a record of items in a cart. The user has the option of viewing the full item detail or expanding the row to see the item detail and the quantity. When the user changes the page I want to retreive the row number of the record that’s changing. I would like to know the best way to do this without having to pass a parameter to the page.
The following does work.
WSP_SOCKET conn = (WSP_SOCKET)socket;