Havaianas Mens–  With the winter season fast coming to an end, it’s not too early to start making plans for summer. Like everyone, you are restricted to a particular fashion style on both clothes and footwear during the winter seasons. So, it is encouraging news that with summer fast approaching, your wardrobe comes alive again because no more putting on winter jackets and strap boots is needed to protect your skin from the frozen winter breeze and snow. 

Now that you can feel the scent of summer, it is expected that you should be thinking of footwears to slay and restore your fashion prowess that has been restricted over the winter season.  

Although there is nothing wrong with putting on sneakers, cover shoes all summer because both are flexible and can flow with formal, semi-formal, and informal clothes. But for this summer you should try something different. Howbeit introducing sandals into your dressing pattern? That sounds interesting. So, let’s take a quick look at various designs from strappy sandals to flats to wedges and slides sandals because there is always a pair of sandals you can rock with any outfit this summer. 


  • Ghinza Thong Sandal


If you are the type that is already used to putting on flip-flop sandals with a low base, this summer, you can elevate your flip-flop with the ghinza thong sandals. It comes with luxury leather on both pairs and available in different color designs. 



  • Vita Leather Sandal


This summer presents you the opportunity to give your wardrobe a 360-degree turnaround. With the vita crystal-embellished leather sandal as part of your new collection, you have a sandal with a bright natural color that can compete with any wardrobe.



  • Lily Tonal Sandal 


Winter is over, and you plan to shake off your feet with light footwear. This barely there, lightweight and hue color sandal should be atop your wardrobe list. 



  • Jamaica 70 crochet-mesh leather mules


Fashion trends are ever changing daily. At the moment, it is all about the net pattern. With the Jamaica 70 crochet-mesh leather mules in your wardrobe, you automatically join the league of fashion ruling class.



  • Trekky Bandana Sandal in Red


Trekky sandals have been more fun with the introduction of the latest trekky bandana-designed sandal. This summer, this stylish sandal is all you need to make the difference for any outdoor or summer camp activities. 



  • Stretch chain-embellished leather sandals


Gown, denim, or corporate outfits, Bottega Veneta, continues to deliver top-quality sandals. With the latest Stretch chain-embellished leather sandals, summer just gets started.



  • Bil Thong Sandal


The Bil Thong Sandal takes you back to the memory lane on fashion style in the 90s. With additional coverage at the top and a unique thong heeled, they are more wearable than older ones.



  • Raffia Logo Sandal


For some people, raffia is suited only for handbags. But this summer promises to be changing that narrative. Raffia leather sandal is fast becoming the iconic sandal this summer. 



  • Gladiator Sandal by Amina Muaddi X Awge Lsd


There is nothing wrong with embracing a glamorous look this summer. The Amina Muaddi X Awge Lsd Gladiator Sandal is all you need to start this summer in a fashionable and classy style.



Looking good is serious business, and your feet can sparkle with the right sandals within your budget.