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Weddings are one of the most memorable and beautiful days of anybody’s life. Many people can’t imagine a wedding without a large, towering cake, but you can do just as much and make a statement with a small cake. 


According to the taste and style of the couple, wedding cake caterers can make small wedding cakes unique and stand out with the help of chic cake stands, unique cake toppers, and so on, sure to grab the attention of your guests. 


If you have a sweet tooth or feel some of your guests would, your wedding cake can be accompanied by various other treats. You can arrange your dessert options according to the agreement you have with your pastry chef or caterer. 


Big, towering cakes are great and all that, but this article is set to highlight some of our favorite small wedding cakes that would be just as excellent both aesthetically and mouth-wateringly good. They could be an inspiration for your future wedding. 


Indeed, you do not always have to make a statement on your special day with the biggest cake sizes. Sometimes, something uniquely portable and elegant can do the magic too. Here is a list of small cake options you can try out on your wedding day. 


Small cakes with neon light-up cake toppers:


Your small wedding cake can make a statement with an eye-catching light-up topper. Neon signs are a great attention catcher even on the street, so it’s guaranteed to light up your cake to the extreme. You can match up the cake topper with the color of the cake or any other decorative items around the cake for an aesthetically pleasing view. 


Small cakes with rainbow sprinkles:


All the colors of the rainbow are enough to grab even the attention of a little kid. Even if your cake is one-layered, the rainbow sprinkles can be spotted from anywhere in the reception venue. Pairing it up with a glittery cake topper will make it almost impossible not to be seen. 


Small cakes with decorative cake stands:


Add extra wow-power to your small cake by using a cake stand to give an illusion of its actual size. A one-tier wedding cake can look even more prominent by adding in-depth decorations on top of it, and sitting it atop a mirrored cake stand can make it look even better! 


Small cakes with extravagant decorations:


Miniature wedding cakes with simple designs can look pretty dull. Spice up the appearance of your cake by setting it on an eye-catching display. A unique decoration around your cake would make it impossible to pass by without a second look, regardless of the size of the cake. 


Small cakes with fruit decorations:


Everyone wants to cheat their diet once in a while, but what better way to do that than with fruity incorporation into your cake? Make a chocolate cake a bit healthier by adding a cluster of fresh berries, fruit slices, and chocolate drops cascading down the sides of your cake. Even the health critics would want that! 



Cakes are a significant part of weddings and can make your special day even more special with just a minor tweak on your little cake. This article has listed some small wedding cake ideas that could get the event popping on your wedding day. 


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