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In 1949, W. Edwards Deming experienced the birth of his much-publicized system of management, and established the Japan Manufacturing Management Society to develop its practice. Upon his return to the United States he became a Fellow of the Institute for Quantitative Sciences of the New York Academy of Sciences. Deming retired from the New York University in late 1992 so that he could spend more time giving lectures and consulting. He died the following year.

William Deming’s slogan “Out of the crisis–Learn–Act–Succeed” is part of Dr. Deming’s philosophy of management, as he is also termed. His management philosophy asserts that one of management’s primary goals is to make good decisions. All management decisions are based upon data from the business or product, but there is more information available than is usually used by management. Deming called this information “conceptual knowledge.”

The first principle of W. Edwards Deming’s training philosophy is that of learning. Corporate management must keep improving its process, adopting the best way, and learning all the time. It must acquire knowledge from all areas, including machines, the environment in which it operates, personnel, processes, customers, and limited resources. This philosophy of continual improvement is the most important basic principle of management in Deming’s teachings. He believed that the management of Japan was a great success because of this concept of the Deming System.

The research shows it is the Deming cycle which is essential for the initial improvement stages of operations. However, the cycle alone cannot drive operations to an optimized state. This is where the experienced and wise use of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® comes into the picture. It provides the help in finding the special causes and the ability to implement the plan.

The idea that all stages can be improved at the same time is really Joe Hughes’ contribution, but the combination of PDSA with The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® shows you how to “probe and fix” the problems you find, in order to bring you to the next level of performance. This is why the combination of PDSA and The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® is essential for management.