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Moving is always a dreaded experience for many because of the stress involved. The hassles often seem overwhelming, and the fear has hindered many people from moving to their dream homes. Of course, there’s always the option of hiring a moving truck to assist with your move. But their services are often pretty expensive, so not many can afford them. However, a DIY move doesn’t have to be such a nightmare if you know how to do it.

The most challenging tasks with a DIY move are parking your items and loading them in your truck. But these tasks can be adequately managed with proper planning and perfect execution. Once you can manage these tasks, you can rest assured that your move will be a success. Wondering why they are so important? This article will address your query while highlighting the best way to pack and load for a move. Read on for more information. 

Why Does It Matter How I Pack?

How you pack your belongings for a move determines how well your move will go. Here are some other reasons you need to pack correctly for your move.

  • Save Money: If you pack your belongings properly, you will find they take up less space on your truck. This means that you can go for a smaller truck than initially projected, saving you the extra money it takes to rent larger trucks. Packing correctly also eliminates the need for two trips, as you can quickly move all your belongings in one trip.
  • Save Time: A move can often be time-consuming, and the packing and loading waste the most time. Therefore, you can wrap up everything earlier if you know precisely how to pack and load your truck hire. You can also save up precious time in the process.
  • Safety: packing well does not only entail rushing through the process. It also includes packing everything appropriately and ensuring they go in the correct, well-padded boxes. This will ensure the safety of your belongings all through the trip.
  • Save Stress: If you know precisely how to pack for your move, you needn’t have to repack anything or go over a process twice. You can quickly get your required packing result in one try, saving you significant stress.

Expert Tips for Packing for A Move

You can pack your belongings and load them in your truck rental without breaking much sweat or risking the safety of precious items. Here are some expert tips to help you.

  • Dismantling bigger furniture will help you save space and avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Start packing more significant items first before getting to the smaller ones later.
  • You can use smaller items to fill up spaces to reduce mobility and save space.
  • Use as many packing supplies to make your packing and loading task easier.
  • Start packing early to avoid late rushes that can attract extra costs.


Packing is the most critical task when planning a move, and you must get it right. This article has highlighted why you must pay close attention to your moving truck hire while packing for a move. The tips highlighted above will also guide you to a successful DIY packing.