A lovely terrace makes swimming in the pool more enjoyable and offers a posh backdrop for poolside relaxation. But do you only have access to wood, or do you also have other options? Spoiler alert: there are lots of different choices.

A deck adds a lot of usable space around the pool and is a useful landscape component. By forming a frame around the pool, it makes a safe walkway and aids in drainage. However, it can also make spaces for relaxation and enjoyment surrounding the pool area. Decks can be designed to fit furnishings for dining and living areas. Add additional cover by erecting a pergola, cabana, or even simply an umbrella.

Although the deck concept has been a crucial component of shipbuilding for generations, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the interior design industry began to embrace this method of design. More and more people are using patios around their pool areas where pavement was once the norm.

Decking has evolved over time to become the preferred material for contemporary pool designs. The resources also demonstrate their value. First-generation hardwood was used to build decks in the past, but now days eco-friendly options constructed from strong composites and recycled materials are all the rage. I also play around with widths and stains to give the wood a really contemporary look.

Top Pool Decking Ideas for You

Dream of driftwood

One approach is to wash normal Merbau decks with chlorine to simulate worn and sunburnt wood. Fading will quicken as a result. (Merbau is a well-liked, enduring, tan-colored pool decking board perfect for outdoor use.) For a continuous appearance, wrap the decking around the pool and continue the fence.

Pave the way

Wood is usually lovely, but the pool’s paving is made of natural stone as well. The clinker pavers provide a timeless, clean, minimalist design while keeping your feet cool. Pavers complement the outer walls of the house really well. As a result, inside and outdoor recreation spaces flow into one another.

Small pool

If you’re working in a small space, maximize it with a glass fence. The pool area can be a tranquil place to be seen from the house when you add green plants.

Infinity pool in the backyard

Contemplating an infinity plunge pool with a natural view on your back porch? Then the wood is the obvious choice for decking to blend in and create the atmosphere of your rainforest eco-lodge.

Touch the tree

Even a concrete pool will feel opulent if a timber deck is added on the edge. The visual attraction is also increased by the material contrast. Find someone to sand your decks so that you can walk easily on all of them.

Patterns and textures

It’s not just practical to mix materials in the pool deck area (because different zones have different uses and needs). Additionally appealing to the eye. Visual appeal is produced through the interaction of textures, patterns, and colours. The larger picture is still clear and straightforward. Concrete, metal, and other materials can be freely blended.


Pool deck design options are wide, with many patterns and styles available in various materials. So how do you choose? Your decision will consider not only your personal aesthetic preferences but also the cost, durability, and safety of the materials you choose.

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