Home offices should get every bit of attention as your workspace. Your home office should be designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing; no one should work in an ugly place. A style of design worthy of emulating is the industrial décor style. It is an excellent aesthetic by which you can design a home office space. Its standout feature is the simplicity of it. 

Industrial décor has a no-frills approach to space allotment and object organization, making for a great place to work. Everything is organized to leave your home office a beautiful place to take cute work selfies and work. More people now have to work from home because of the pandemic that hit the world. Your home workspace must help you focus and be productive, as well as catch the eye of your colleagues during video meetings. 

We decided to collect home workspace design ideas to help inspire you to come up with one. Nobody breaks the law when they plagiarize a home office design, so feel free to make your home office just like this one, or you can only have it guide you to do something similar. Here are some design tips for choosing from:

  1. Eames-Inspired Design – You could have an industrial style desk with an Eames Eiffel chair sitting with its raw wood legs and metal structure in its front. The industrial table could rest on a brick wall next to a wall socket to make it easy to plug in your devices. Standing across the table could be a similar table to box you in and serve as extra space if you have to work computers. You could nail art to the brick wall or have a climbing shelf fixed to the walk to hold art. 
  1. Off-wall Design – To style your home office this way, it helps to have a room with a niche-wall (a wall that seats deeper than the rest of the walls in a room). You can place a tall, simple-looking, industrial table some distance from the wall in front of a swivel chair. Behind you on the wall can rest aesthetically pleasing items such as artwork or similar things. 
  1. The Crevice Design – Limited on space? If you can find a recess anywhere in your home not close to distracting rooms like the kitchen or the kids’ room, you have enough from which you can craft a home office. If you are single and live alone, it’s even better because you can make do with any space you find. 

For this design, an engineer can come over to measure the length of wood that would sit in-between the recess comfortably. A chair of your choice sits at the legless table, which, depending on the engineer’s creative ability, can have a sort of drawer to store stationery or other items that could fit into it. Above the table, you can sit framed pictures to give it that good aesthetic bite. 

  1. The Literal Design –  Named for its usefulness to academic figures or writers, if you have to do a lot of reading at home, it could double as your workspace and library. It requires you to have a separate room in the house to accomplish. A triangular skeletal shelf is placed on the side of the room. Its top compartment runs the room’s length, but there is a cut-out after allowing a table to rest on it. Industrial style lights overlook the table – perfect for reading and writing.

A decluttered workplace boosts creativity. There is no better design style to inspire such a workspace for your home than an industrial one.