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Why does my mirror image appear reversed?

I am using Unity3D and I am facing an issue. I have created a mirror image of a cube which works fine as intended but when I apply the mirror modifier to the object it appears in the opposite direction. Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve this problem?


Select the mesh you want to mirror.
Enable the following options: Mirror Object, Mirror Plane, Flip Vertices

If the mirror plane is wrong, you can change it using this menu:


First, make sure the object you’re using is not a parented object, if it is, first change it to not be a parented object.
After that, in edit mode, select the object. In the 3D viewport, you should see a mirror box (3D viewport > Object > Display > Box). Drag this onto the mirroring plane to create the mirror.

EDIT: If you can’t find the 3D viewport, press the spacebar twice. The 2D viewport will appear. You may have to enable 3D viewport in the viewport options.

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