The day of your big move is sneaking up on you, but you are yet to perform the daunting task of packing. At this junction, you are deciding whether to moving truck hire or just ask your closest friends, your ride-or-dies, for help. Friends are people who are there for us during the best and worst times in our lives, and it is alright to want to ask them for lifting heavy objects. The pros and cons of this decision have been outlined below.


  • It is cost-effective

This is the big advantage of asking friends to help with your move. The average cost of renting a truck can range from $800 for a local job to $5000 for a long-distance move without the cost of packing, which can add about an extra $60 an hour. The cost depends on certain variables, but one thing is for sure, asking your friends to help will cost next to nothing in cash.

  • It is fun

Instead of having strangers in your home adding to the stress of the move, you can have friends around. The need for formality is eliminated, allowing you to relax while packing. You can let your hair down and be yourselves since you have your pals helping instead of strangers. You could even have chats, little fun games, and jokes while you work.

  • You can get help off working hours

Although movers can be hired at convenient times, the service costs more than regular ones. Friends, on the other hand, can help you during times that are convenient for you; therefore, you do not have to move your schedule around too much. It is important to note that your friends also have lives and personal challenges. Make sure to consider their convenience as well.


  • Asking for a favor might be awkward

It is not usually easy to ask another person for help. Although you may have been through hell and high water together, you know how everyone has their problems and challenges and might not want to inconvenience your friends with your problems. 

  • It may not be time effective

While your friends might be willing and ready to help, they are certainly not experts and will be slower in doing the work. Apart from this, they will need to take constant breaks as the work is rigorous. Some people might be late, some might leave early, and some might be more distraction than an asset. Depending on your time, you will need to consider letting your friends go.

  • Higher risk of damage

As stated earlier, your friends are not experts. While professional truck hire are trained in handling fragile items, your friends are not. You might realize while packing and unpacking that some of your possessions are damaged.

  • Risk of Accidents

Another disadvantage of using friends is the risk of accidents. Moving can be a dangerous activity as the untrained persons may not be careful enough, resulting in accidents that professionals would not have. For the safety of everyone involved, it is safer to leave large and dangerous items to professionals.


Just as with most things in life, deciding to enlist friends has its advantages and disadvantages, and weighing this will help you determine what you are most comfortable with.

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