Merbau timber is a beautiful hardwood timber that comes from the Kwila tree. It can be found in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and northern Queensland. It is one of the hardest and most sturdy timber you can find anywhere. Because of its high durability and strength, special machinery is required to harvest, process, and manufacture it. 

This timber type has become quite popular among builders and furniture makers, especially because of its many beautiful advantages. If you are interested in knowing more about these benefits, then you are reading the right article. We will discuss some of the pros of Merbau timber in this article. Read on to discover more. 

Pros of decking with Merbau timber 

  1. Resistant to fire:

Merbau timber is one of seven timber types deemed suitable for use in areas and countries prone to bushfires, like Australia. It will not burst into flames immediately.

  • Appearance:

The dark color of Merbau has made it a popular choice for so many people. And it does not lose its shade over time. Most people believe that its appearance only improves as it ages. The color of the Merbau timber extends in shading from brown to reddish-brown as time goes on. 

  1. Durability;

Being one of the most substantial timber types, Merbau timber has been sought for its durability. It is a perfect floor finishing for indoor locations where there is average foot traffic. For other indoor places like corporate organizations, other local hardwood can be used. 

  • Easy to see through:

Compared to some other local hardwood, Merbau timber is easy to work with. You do not need thorough planning and laying the wood. 

  • Outdoor suitability:

Merbau timber is a popular choice for decking because it is suited for open-air use and does not lose its shading quickly. It is also stable and has a low shrinkage and development rate. 

  • Protection from termites:

Termites are natural enemies to wood and can ruin a good finishing. But, the durability and hardness of the Merbau Timber make it no match for termites. So, you can rest assured that you will not have a termite invasion. 

But the Merbau timber, with all its benefits, also has its disadvantages, which might discourage people from using it. 

Cons of decking with Merbau Timber 

  • Oily and messy:

Merbau is a sleek timber. When it rains, the wood can get very wet due to the release of tannins, a water-soluble compound in the oil. If adequate care is not taken during the rainy season, the resins can get stuck to the soles of your shoes and leave dirt tracks all over the place. To avoid this, it is advised that when you are purchasing Merbau, go for well-seasoned and ready stock or wash your timber extensively before building. 

  • Costly:

One common factor that discourages people from decking with Merbau timber is cost. Because the timber type is only found in specific locations, it is costly to purchase. Most of the stock available in Australia is imported and is expensive to afford for most households there. 

  • Environmental factor:

According to specialists, there are not many controls in place to secure this species of timber. At the rate at which it is being harvested, they fear going extinct very soon.