Change is the only thing that is constant in life, and sometimes, it involves moving. Moving to an entirely different state with your belongings can be pretty strenuous; however, renting a truck can help you travel light with your family while your items arrive later. It is even easier if you’re moving within the state. They will simply follow you to your new home.

The most crucial aspect of moving is finding the perfect hire truck for conveying your properties. Therefore, it is essential to start looking for truck rental companies at least a month before your moving date. You can search the internet for a suitable rental company and make bookings.

Top Considerations for Hiring a Moving Truck 


Typically, some rental companies have discount offers for early bookings and online bookings. This means you don’t have to call your truck hire company to book. 

It is essential to be specific about the hire a moving truck’s size. You need to ensure that the truck is big enough to accommodate your belongings. Though it may be cheaper to rent a smaller truck, it will cost you more time and money in the long run because you will have to make multiple trips to and fro.

To help you make the right choice, you can go through the truck rental company’s size guide or speak to a representative.

The size of your house also has a role to play when selecting moving trucks. If you move into a smaller house from a bigger one, you may have challenges fitting everything into your new home.

If you want, you can sell some things before moving, or wait till after moving before selling your things. It is best to wait till after you move before selling your things. This way, you can determine the items that will fit into your new apartment and sell the rest.

While preparing to move using a truck, it is vital to get all the proper supplies for packing. Supplies such as packing tape, wrappings, sturdy boxes, moving blankets, furniture pads, etc., are required to move your stuff safely and prevent damage to your belongings during transit.

By padding up spaces and gaps with moving blankets or using mattress bags and straps for holding your belongings in place, you can be sure that your items are protected and they wouldn’t be moving around during the trip. Although some truck rental companies offer packing supplies, they usually attract additional costs.

Another excellent tip for renting a truck for moving is to disassemble your furniture before packing your rental truck. Considering how much space furniture can consume, you may need to dismantle as many furniture items as possible to create more space. Not only will you have more room for other things, but it will also help spread the weight of your heavy furniture evenly across the truck.


Renting a truck for your moving will be a breeze if you utilize all the tips shared above. Now, you understand that you need to begin your moving preparations as early as possible, and also the need for adequately packaging and storing your items for the trip.

Hopefully, you will find these pointers helpful when hire a moving truck when next you need to move.