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Buying a car could be considered by many people to be a big deal. But then, many professionals often maintain that taking care of the car is where the real deal is. This is because it is where most people default. Vehicles are just like the human body. If you maintain your vehicle correctly, it will serve you, and if otherwise, you will have to spend time visiting your mechanic frequently. 

When you buy a car, you must understand some basic techniques for car maintenance. Leaving your vehicle for just any mechanic is synonymous with surrendering your body to a surgeon you do not know his or her experience for a serious operation – it does not make sense. 

Cars have many operational parts, but this write-up shall put its focus on how to maintain areas such as the car valve stem oil, seal, and oil filters. 

When you buy your car from an authorized dealer, it should be covered with a warranty. So, when you notice any change or fault from the car, you have the exclusive right to return it to the car dealer to fix it up, provided that the fault is part of your warranty package. However, this is not always the case. Not to worry, though, this article will you what to do and how to maintain your car in various situations. We will also discuss some crucial things you should know about your car warranty. 

Seal leak versus filter leaks, what should you do?

Sincerely, like anyone else, you will be stunned by this latest development. It won’t even be out of place if you react by shouting, “It is a new car!” The best advice in this kind of scenario is to visit your dealer. A car filter is not expensive, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for the dealer to change. Car filters are designed with a seal, and most of the fault associated with a car filter can be because the seal overtightens or is not tight enough. 

In a situation where you notice an oil spot sign displaying on your car dashboard, you should know that something is wrong somewhere, which you must not take for granted.

Things you need to know about car warranty?

Since the car is still under a warranty policy, the dealer must do everything possible to ensure that the vehicle is fixed. If you noticed that when you changed your car oil, the filter size used is not the appropriate one, but it works with your car anyways. However, you should be conscious of the information being displayed on your car dashboard. If you notice any oil spot display, you should return the car as quickly as possible. It is advisable you asked them to verify whether the new filter is responsible for the oil spot or not. 

The effect of 3rd party on your warranty policy

Every form of warranty you enjoy on your car can be affected if the fault comes from a third-party mechanic. The dealer or manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage if you patronize another Car mechanic not authorized by the dealer or manufacturer.  


If the dealer insists that the seal is leaking, tell him to go ahead and replace it. If the leaking persists after that, it means he was wrong. Ensure they double-check that the filter isn’t spraying oil on your gasket because it could further damage the car.