Technology has placed a high degree of value on how well people use technological devices. The rate at which devices were used has increased rapidly. A significant reason for the increase is the internet. The internet and technological devices have forced many businesses to improvise and adjust their mode of operation. So much so that they use websites to communicate their services and products to prospective customers.

The process of businesses adjusting their websites to suit the different audiences using technological devices and the internet is website optimization. This article highlights the various forms of website optimization while highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each form of website optimization.

Forms of Website Optimization

Web Design Services Gold Coast – There are three forms of website optimization, and they are:

  1. Native Apps: These are applications explicitly built for mobile devices and cannot function on other devices except mobile devices. However, there is a variation in the design of applications for mobile devices because of the different operating systems for mobile devices. The two operating systems on mobile devices are the Android OS and iOS. Apps built specifically for mobile devices using Android OS are native Apps for Android OS, while apps built for iOS are native apps for iOS.
  2. Responsive Websites: This is a form of website optimization built to respond to the device where it is opened. These websites adapt to suit the features of a device. This means that when these websites are opened on mobile phones, the display and style of the website adapt to fit the features available on the phone, and when viewed on a laptop or desktop, the website adapts to fit the laptop. It is important to highlight that this form of website optimization uses only one website that has the qualities to adapt to any shape, size, and style.
  3. Mobile Websites: This form of website optimization involves the design of websites solely for mobile devices. A single URL is created to display solely on mobile devices as this same website cannot be viewed on laptops or desktops.

Advantages of Native Apps

  1. It offers the best optimization of the three forms of website optimization.
  2. It does not require an internet connection to function as information is readily available with or without an internet connection.

Disadvantages of Native Apps

  1. It is limited to one operating system for a mobile device.
  2. It is costly to design a native app.
  3. Marketing requires help from a professional and tends to be complicated.

Advantages of Responsive Websites

  1. It is cost-effective because you will be designing only one website.
  2. It is very flexible because it can be accessed on different devices.
  3. It is easy to market.

Disadvantages of Responsive Websites

  1. The user experience varies across different devices because the speed at which a desktop loads the website’s information cannot be compared to the speed of a mobile device.

Advantages of Mobile Website

  1. Better user experience than responsive websites.
  2. It is more cost-effective than native apps
  3. The marketing process is easy

Disadvantages of Mobile Website

  1. The cost of maintaining multiple URLs is high
  2. The trouble of ensuring that the websites meet SEO standards.


Each business has its own choice, while website optimization best suits its services and style. A business can have two forms of website optimization, and this article provides details on website optimization.

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