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Keeping all your valuables safely away from your home or business to protect against theft, fire, personal threat, flood, building damage or any other natural or manmade disaster is crucial for everyone at present.

Our company can cater to a plethora of different sizes, freight and requirements. Our services range from storing an envelope or documents, a small safe deposit box to all the way up the high capacity of 3 tonne safes for your valuables which can only be accessed by you. If you require a complete hands-off or remotely controlled secure storage solution, we can help you with our custodial storage services. This storage solution is perfect if you want us to manage or move goods directly from sale to storage and storage to sale. Our custodial service clients also receive other benefits making us strengthen our position as a leading provider of world-class secure storage, with trust. We offer complete all-risks insurance from the world’s leading insurer and cost-effective independent audit service. Let us take a look at the services provided by us:

Gold Storage and Silver Secure Storage

This is one of our mainstay services. We ensure that your bullion is securely stored with us and is kept safe away from other parties, such as banks or connected services. The only person who has access to your safe with our underground ultra-high secure setup is you. You can always be confident that all of your investment is safe and sound with us at all times.

Security of Access

Your safety during the journey to and from the office building is as important as the safety of the storage facility. Our office is located at such a space which enables us to make you anonymous as you approach and leave the facility because you are just one of many people who are accessing the building for any number of businesses. None is the wiser.

When you are carrying highly valued goods, wholly exposed and evidently heading to and from a business designated as a vault facility certainly puts you in a position of high personal risk. We value your safety the most. We have partnered with reliable dealers of the area which deliver their customer’s purchase to us for them. So if you happen to be one of their customers, then this one trip you won’t have to make, and even a safer proposition.

Private Storage

Our clients are always accompanied by a fully qualified Security and Customer Service Officer when they are visiting their storage unit. But the matter of privacy is also respected when they are dealing with the contents of their storage. Our appointment structure is so that we always limit appointments to two individual clients within the vault at any one time and each with a Security and Customer Service Officer. This provides the private storage clients with the requisite assurance of having a complete sense of security and privacy during their appointments. To build our clients’ confidence even further, we often invite them to experience other so-called high-security facilities and compare the level of real security and privacy that we offer and deliver.

International Secure Storage

Our services also include secure storage for international clients. We offer assured secure storage for precious metals, diamonds and gems, jewellery, bonds, cryptocurrency wallets or anything that is precious to you, all of this for as little as $2 a week.

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