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Dancing is one of the activities recommended by Greek great philosopher Aristotle for child development. According to Pro Dance Center, engaging your child in dancing practice will help them a lot, especially with their body flexibility, physical strength and build up their stamina. Having understood the significance of dancing for your child’s development, then you made a move to enroll your child in a ballet dancing class. However, after some time, you seem not to be getting the desired results you have in mind, so, expectedly, you begin to contemplate your next move. At this juncture, stopping your child from dancing ballet has been ruled out, leaving you with two options, which are: 

Changing the ballet class 

Remain patient and keep faith with the class

It is important to note that both options above will significantly impact your child’s dancing development. So, before switching to changing the dance class, you should engage the dance teacher’s lesson on some of your observations. If there is no meaningful development after the engagement with the dance teacher, then pulling off the switch on the dance school or academy should be your next move. However, before making such a move, you need to approach the situation pragmatically. Here are some things you must consider before changing your child’s ballet dance class.

Engage your child in a one-on-one conversation the matter 

We are in the 21st century, and that militarized approach no longer yields the best result, especially when dealing with millennials. So, before changing the class, discussing the situation with your child will go a long way. But I am the one footing the bills? Yes, no argument about that claim. But mind you, you are not the one practicing the dance. Also, what is the guarantee that the problem with your child’s ballet dancing development is from the dance class? What if their best friend is in the current dance class? These are some parameters you must consider before implementing your plan to change your child’s dance class.

Find out about the new dance teacher’s dancing techniques. 

Let’s assume you’ve made up your mind about changing your child’s dance class. But wait a minute. Before moving your child to the new dance class, don’t you think enquiring about the new teaching approach is necessary? You never can tell if your child will like the new style in the long or short run. So, to be on the safe side, find out about the new dance teacher pattern. Are they strict or use a simple pattern? Also, ask your child about the feeling after a couple of dance rehearsals. From your child’s impression, you will be able to quickly deduce if you have made the right decision or not.

Find out about the program and schedule

There is no point running a ballet dancing school without having programs outlined for the annual show. If you take your child to a ballet school without an annual show program, you can be assured you have wasted your child’s time while you have wasted your money. Scary right? Yes, it is. So, why the annual show? As a parent, you must know that every child wants to showcase their talent, and a yearly show where people are gathered is the best platform for showing and expressing what they have learned over the years. 

Final thought 

Changing your child’s ballet dancing class is a dicey decision. If carried out in a rush without proper assessment of the next move, then you would have contributed to your child’s regression immensely. So, to make the best decision on this matter, follow the tips provided above in this piece. Dancing is fun, and your child will appreciate you forever for helping them make the best decision at this stage of their life.