Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrollable division of abnormal cells in the body, which, in turn, destroy protective tissues rapidly. It is generally considered one of the deadliest illnesses with high mortality rates, primarily because of the many unknowns involved.

Most people fail to identify these abnormal cells in their body until it has caused much damage and escalated to very severe levels. There are different types of cancer, classified mainly by the body area that they affect. One of the most typical types of cancer is skin cancer. Ensure to read to the end of this article if you want to learn more about this type of cancer.

Skin Cancer and Its Causes

Skin cancer also involves the growth of abnormal cells on the skin, and it is mainly caused by excess exposure of the skin to the sun. There are several causes of skin cancer, and there are also some facts and frequently asked questions about skin cancer that demand extra attention. Here are some must-known facts and tips about skin cancer that can help you prevent your skin from being affected.

  1. Children are Affected More Easily: The Skin Cancer Foundation established that a single severe sunburn could cause malignant melanoma in the long run for children less than six months old. Mild sunburns can also accumulate to double the risk for children, which is why it is advised that children under six months should be kept away from the sun.
  2. Smoking and Skin Cancer: Many people have raised concerns over the relationship between smoking and skin cancer. Many others have inquired if smoking increases the risk of developing skin cancer. The simple answer is yes. Research in the Netherlands showed that smokers face a significantly increased chance of being infected by squamous cell carcinoma. It also showed that the risk increases further with every cigarette smoked.
  3. Hereditary Skin Cancer: While it is not clear if skin cancer can be inherited, it is already ⁿⁿ.obvious that skin type and color can. Hence, people who inherit fair skins and lighter eyes are more likely to get sunburned even from the slightest exposure. This set of people is advised to be cautious and take preventive measures whenever they go outside.
  4. Effectiveness of Sunscreens: Sunscreens go down as one of the best shields against sunburns. However, the question of its effectiveness has been questioned a few times. The truth is that sunscreens help shield the skin from excessive sun rays that cause sunburns. But sunscreens are only effective for a limited period, and they cannot function if they are not correctly applied.
  5. Glass Windows and Sun Rays: it is a common belief that windows keep out dangerous sun rays, but it is not entirely true. Glass windows are excellent for preventing UV-B rays, but they are not very practical for UV-A rays. This means that your skin may not be completely safe, even behind glass windows.

Bottom Line

Skin clinic – Skin cancer is recognized worldwide as a dreaded disease, and it is more common because many factors cause it. However, you can avoid skin cancer to a great extent by following expert prevention tips. Also, ensure that you do not keep your skin exposed to harsh sunlight for an extended period.