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Skyrim Combat Music Overhaul


Skyrim Combat Music Overhaul

Hi, I know my comment is super late to the party, but I am having issues when using Skyrim Combat Music Overhaul. I am getting environment music from my skyrim 1.9 nespionage mod. I have tried all the procedures (including the ones in the website/ instructions) and I can’t get any music to play from any of my mods. Help?

To be clear, the files referenced in the mod folder all exist and are in the right place. The mod itself was installed with NMM. The issue is that when I load the skyrim/data/music folder, all the music files play through the vanilla/oblivion music. The game works fine, music is present, but the game still plays through the vanilla/oblivion music after I install my mods/music. It just won’t let me play the music from my mods. Any ideas?

Ok, after some google-ing, I discovered that you have to disable the game’s music system in Skyrim.ini. I disabled and re-enabled music using a console command. Music now plays in my modded quests, and out of combat. I’m not great with the console. Can anyone help me with that? I’m not up for running the game in safe mode, and manually disabling and enabling music systems every time I load a new mod. Any other ideas? Thanks, Razer

I’m an idiot. Thanks for the tip. The game’s mods were corrupted somehow. I downloaded the game from the website, uninstalled the battle music mod, downloaded from the website again, did the uninstall process, re-installed the game, installed battle music, and the game’s mods are now disabled. Battle music plays, all mods play, and audio is enabled. Thank you!