Christmas or wedding parties always represent a happy moment. Everyone wants to celebrate their Christmas or wedding in a grand style.

One way to add beauty and elegance to both celebrations is through solar fairy lights. Though other things such as musical bands, feeding, and clothing are essential aspects of both events. But when it comes to the decoration aspects, none can perform better magic as solar fairy lights. 

Often, many people complain about how they were disappointed during Christmas or wedding celebrations due to solar fairy lights failure. Though this may not be the end user’s fault, it could be from the store or factory. 

To prevent such from opening again in the future, that is why you need to read this article because it provides you all the necessary details about everything you need on solar fairy lights perfection for your wedding or Christmas celebration.

How it works

Traditional solar fairy lights need an electricity supply to power. But with modern technology, you don’t need to be bothered about the power supply. All you need is to ensure that your solar panel is fully charged. Once this is set, the solar panel will transfer power to the fairy lights. 

The moment the sun goes down in the evening, the inbuilt auto sensor will trigger the fairy light. So, wherever you are, home or work, you don’t need to rush down every evening; the inbuilt sensor will do the magic of power on and off.

Key takeaway 


  • Solar panel specification 


Solar Christmas lights must have the correct combination of battery and solar panel to perform optimally. When buying your solar panel, ensure you are purchasing 9-11 solar strips. The reason being that it charges at a faster rate than other solar panels with lower features. When some solar fairy lights charge for an hour, it can give you illumination each night for at least two (2h) to two and half hours (2 ½h).

  • Choice of battery

For your solar panel to perform efficiently, you must be cautious of the type of battery you intend to use. Battery like Nickel-metal hydride batteries has three times more of the capacity of Nickel-cadmium. The implication is that though the former and latter are the same size, capacity differs. 

Next time you buy a solar fairy battery, don’t be carried away by the size and be more mindful of the capabilities.

Also, an average solar fairy light’s lifespan is within the range of 1-2 years, provided you charge it for at least 2-3 months. 


  • Light controller 

The controller choice is purely personal. You might go for the inbuilt one attached to the panel or built as a separate entity entirely. 

However, you must ensure that whatever model you go for must be water-tight. The best way to destroy any controller is through inadequate protection against water penetration.



  • Cost-effective LEDs 


Decorative LED lights consume far lesser lights than regular incandescent bulbs. The unique aspect is their low energy consumption makes them suitable for solar technology. 

Aside from the low energy rate, it also provides low ambient light on the outside backdrop, making it suitable for any outdoor event such as Christmas party and wedding events.


Solar fairy lights add beauty and elegance wherever they are set. It is highly recommended that you should test run them before the big day. If you are buying for the first time, read through the manufacturer menu to properly understand the light settings. 

Either you are purchasing the item through an online or physical store, ensure a warranty provision if things go sideways.