There are different types of housing structures you can decide to build on your landed property. But if you own a split lot, building a split-level house could be a perfect idea. A split home enables homeowners to be in charge of their privacy, space, and durability compared to other houses. 

Why Split-level home design?

  • A split-level is an ideal home for aged people because of the level of stairs that makes up the entire structure of the house. With a split-level, elderly persons don’t have to bother much about support going up or down the stairs. 


  • Contemporary split-level homes offer residents the privilege to own their private space for personal activities. Besides personal space, a split-level home enables informal activities like birthday event celebrations and other in-house parties. 


Split-level home dimension 

The structure of a split-level home has a dimension that measures 17.80 meters wide and 16.27 meters long in an area of 289.61 square meters. The building dimension can be divided into the following segments: porch – 2.5 m2, alfresco – 9.90 m2, garage – 33.90m2, and living space, taking the most significant chuck standing at – 162.1m2. At the same time, it has a provision for unusable space totaling 208.40 square. 

Description of stylish contemporary split-level home structure 

The building is designed with living spaces on the left section and the night zone is on the left angle. The night zone area is designed to provide a high degree of privacy and shield the building occupants from external intrusion. The living spaces have a free-flowing scheme compared to the night zone. 

It also provides a media room sitting at the heart of the building that can be accessible to every occupant. This section of the house is comfortable due to the alfresco’s, ensuring the needed air and ventilation is readily available. 

Also, the home has a courtyard that can be accessed by anyone living in the building. The gateway to the courtyard is through the living spaces and can be opened by just sliding the door made of wood, glasses, or other door material. The courtyard unit is airy and suitable for relaxation. With the availability of a wide space area, split-level home is a perfect home for a family of five to seven members.

The unique aspect of this type of home model is that the design structure is not fused but is built independently. It gives each member of the family some level of freedom and has provision for a study room that serves as the meeting point for everyone to interact and meet at night.

Kitchen and sleeping quarters design

The kitchen is designed so that it is connected to the media section and living room. This position makes it easy to walk directly from the living room into the kitchen and straight up to the media room. The proximity between the media room and kitchen linking to the alfresco unit of the home offers an informal dining space and recreation extension.

The sleeping section is designed to provide a high level of security and privacy to occupants. The three bedrooms are placed in row format with a shared bathroom and a walk-in closet. The split-level home design has a provision for a minimum of two car garage controlled sectionally occupying the left angle of the building.


Most people spend a huge chunk of their time in their houses, and that’s why it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your comfort. The split-level home design is definitely worth checking out.