The popularity of fence extensions Melbourne-wide is common knowledge, and it’s with good reason. These extensions can add a fusion of privacy and beauty to your property as well as increase its overall value. 

But when it comes to installing fence extensions, pre-construction planning and design-build approaches can save you time, money and hassle in the long-run. 

So in this blog post, we’re going to cover the benefits of pre-construction planning and design-build approaches so you can peacefully execute the construction project of your dreams.

What is pre-construction planning?

Pre-construction planning involves thorough planning and preparation before construction begins. Typically, it involves analysing the project, identifying potential issues\ and finding solutions before the construction process begins. 

In the case of fence extensions, pre-construction planning includes measuring the area, selecting the right fencing materials, identifying potential obstacles and ensuring that the project meets local council compliance.

The benefits of pre-construction planning

There are many benefits to pre-construction planning. For starters, by investing time upfront in the planning process, you can identify and address any issues early on. This can save you time during the construction process, as you won’t have to make changes or fix issues that could have been addressed during the planning phase.

Pre-construction planning can also save you money in the long run. By identifying potential issues and finding solutions early on, you can avoid costly mistakes and reduce the risk of unforeseen expenses.

Another great benefit is that you’ll have a better quality product in the end. By thoroughly planning and preparing for your project, you can ensure that the end result is of high quality and meets your expectations. This can also increase the lifespan of your fence extensions.

Pre-construction planning can also help identify potential safety hazards and find solutions to address them before construction begins. This ensures the safety of all parties during construction.

One final benefit is that pre-construction planning can ensure that your fence extensions meet local building codes and regulations. This can help you avoid fines and legal issues down the line.

What is design-build construction?

Design-build construction is an approach that involves the integration of design and construction services. It involves collaboration between the contractor, architect and owner to create a seamless process from start to finish. 

The benefits of design-build construction

One of the great benefits of design-build construction is that the design and construction are combined to create a holistic and seamless process. This can save time in the long-run, all the while reducing the risk of miscommunication between all that are involved.

This approach can also help you save costs down the road. Why? Well the contractor and architect work together to come up with a cost-effective approach for the build.

With design-build construction, you can make chances more easily during the construction process. This lets you make adjustments or modifications to the project as needed.