Dental health is often overlooked, and this should not be the case — especially with the understanding that the state of our dental health has a higher impact on our quality of life and general health. Some overlook dental health because they are afraid of the costs, especially in the absence of dental insurance.

Given how essential oral health is to maintaining excellent health all round, the cost of maintaining it should not be a bother. Dental issues often come in different types and magnitudes, and they should all be treated accordingly. Severe dental issues are also called dental emergencies and require immediate dental care.

Some issues that require immediate dental care include dental cavities, root canals, broken teeth, and ruptured teeth. This article will highlight some dental emergency treatments, their costs, and the process involved in emergency dental visits. Please ensure to read to the end if you want to learn about these things.

Some Dental Emergency Treatments and Their Costs

Below are some dental emergency treatments and the estimated costs of these treatments.

  1. Dental crown: This procedure is used for fractured or excessively discolored teeth. The dentist removes the affected tooth and replaces it with an artificial tooth. The cost of this procedure depends on the material of the artificial tooth used. There are mainly two kinds of the tooth used for this procedure; metal tooth and porcelain tooth. The metal tooth is used for replacing the tooth at the back of the mouth and costs between $1,600-$1,900, while the porcelain tooth is used to replace a tooth anywhere in the mouth; it costs between $1,600-$2,000.
  2. Filled cavity: Dental cavities are simply holes in the teeth. This affects your ability to chew effectively; thus, it needs to be addressed before more severe dental complications. Cavities are treated by filling the cavities. The cost of filling dental cavities depends on the material used in filling. Filling cavities with resin-based composite costs between $180-$320, while a silver amalgam cavity filling costs $150-$210.
  3. Teeth extraction: This is the treatment used for dental fractures that result in severe pain or from dental infections. The cost depends on the procedure. Anesthesia required procedures, especially during surgical operations, is estimated to range from $270-$300, while a non-surgical procedure costs $100-$400.
  4. Root canal treatment: This procedure is employed when a tooth’s root is affected by a dental problem. The procedure ensures that other natural and unaffected teeth stay healthy. The cost of a root canal treatment depends on where the procedure is done. Canal treatments on the front section of the mouth are relatively higher, estimated between $950-$1200, while on other sections, it costs between $1,400-$1,650.

The Process Involved in Dental Emergency

It is vital to note that problems relating to dental health are not mostly resolved in one visit. On the first day, the dentists check for signs of dental complications like gum inflammation, pain, gum infections, missing crowns, exposed nerves, and more. Then the Emergency Dentist carries out tests to determine the severity of the problem before making reservations to address these issues.


If you consider the cost of living with dental issues, you will find that it is often less expensive to seek immediate dental care. Thankfully, this article has highlighted the costs of treating various dental emergencies and what they entail.