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Concrete cutting is simply the process of making openings through surfaces made of concrete; some of these surfaces can include concrete walls and ceilings, etc. Concrete is a rigid material to work with and is one of the most complex materials to cut.

This is why, when cutting through concrete, special equipment and tools are used to avoid damage to any conduits beneath the concrete. Also, it is always best to get only qualified professionals exposed to adequate information on concrete cutting to do the job. Otherwise, people might be exposed to the danger of getting injured or even more severe consequences. Thankfully, this article will discuss everything you should know about concrete cutting, especially as it relates to the various techniques used for the purpose. Read on for more exciting information.

Different kinds of concrete saws are used for drilling rigid materials such as concrete, stone, marble, brick, etc. With concrete saws, two operations can be carried out, which include dry sawing and wet sawing.

Dry Sawing

Dry sawing is mainly used for outdoor projects since a large amount of dust is produced. This concrete cutting technique makes use of a sharp blade made of diamond. Tough materials cut rigid materials-a principle employed in dry sawing. Colossal construction work and outdoor performances can be carried out using diamond blades. The diamond helps to protect against overheating in the absence of water. The only issue with this cutting technique is the massive amount of dust produced. It can lead to respiratory diseases when inhaled if the professional doesn’t wear protective gear.

Wet Sawing

Wet sawing is a much better approach as the technique doesn’t produce as much dust as dry sawing. Wet Sawing is convenient and safer. Overheating doesn’t occur with this technique due to the presence of water. Wet sawing is environmentally friendly and doesn’t cause respiratory illnesses or predispose people to any medical condition.

There are different other types of sawing techniques which include

Wall sawing

In this case, a wall is any vertical concrete structure. The wall sawing technique is mainly used to make openings to create room for doors and windows. Friction is a huge problem that occurs, and that is why diamond blades that are of high quality are used to reduce friction to the barest minimum. This technique is convenient and can be hard to carry out, except the person is a professional.

Floor Sawing

As the name implies, floor sawing is a technique used to cut holes into horizontal ‘floor’ structures made of concrete. These structures include roads and bridges. If you need to bore a hole that’s awkwardly shaped into a concrete surface, then this technique is your best bet.

Ring sawing

This technique is not used for large projects but small to medium concrete projects. A ring saw is a hand-held, high-precision cutting device, similar to a chainsaw. This device is easier to use in confined spaces. This device would easily cut through various hard surfaces like stone, marble, and acrylic.

Wire Sawing

This technique is best to make accurate cuttings of different sizes and shapes in reinforced concrete and steel. It makes use of the principle of anti-vibration, and this doesn’t create any cracks. It does such a clean job using diamond-embedded cables.


If you need concrete cutting services and you are not an expert, it is advisable to find an expert concrete cutting service company that is highly specialized with years of experience.