How often do you read a book or watch a film and find yourself relating to the dog character before the human protagonist? Maybe as an Australian pet treat company we do this more than the average person, but we still think it is worth tracking through some of our favourite fictional hounds… a Doggy Oscars if you will.


Buck – Call of the Wild by Jack London

Buck might just be the archetype of the faithful dog who pushes on through ice and snow. As he learns the ways of the Alaskan tundra, he begins to lose his domestication, emerging as a leader of a pack of dogs. Known as ‘ghost dog’ by Native American Tribes in the area, Buck has a certain nobility not usually seen in the wild dog trope. We love that London gives such complexity to a canine character.


K9 – Doctor Who

Alright, this is getting a little bit nerdy, but before we owned an Australian pet treat company, we were all little kids who grew up on Doctor Who. K9 was a robotic dog who accompanied the Doctor in the Tardis, thwarting the plans of daleks and cybermen. He was always where he needed to be, and even though he is not (to the letter of the law) a dog, he still makes it into our hall of fame. We are all just waiting for his reemergence in this new iteration of Doctor Who.


Snowy – Tin Tin

Let’s face it: If Tin Tin didn’t have Snowy, he would have drowned in a submarine, been stranded on the moon, and trapped in a pyramid. This gutsy like white dog seemed blessed with insight beyond any human character in the text, and remains one of the best dogs in the entire comic book universe. Go to Brussels and count how many murals this little Terrier boasts. Clearly the Belgians know what’s up…


Shadow – Homeward Bound

I remember this as the first film in which I wept for joy. Essentially, it is the story of three dogs journeying across America to find their home. The final scene has two of the three running into the arms of their owners, but Shadow has succumbed to perils of the journey. His owner begins to realise that Shadow isn’t coming home, but in a truly cheesy Hollywood ending, this noble Golden Retriever emerges on the horizon lumbering home. I wept like a child. Conveniently, I was five and no one held this fact against me.


You can probably begin to see why we started an Australian pet treat company. We just love dogs! Shop our wares to today, so you can show this same appreciation to the special hound in your life!