The last couple of months have been trying for businesses across different sectors. The impact of the covid-19 virus across the globe has made it difficult for businesses to carry out in-person business transactions. This is due to the social distance rule put in place by most countries. One major lesson the pandemic has taught business owners is the need to be innovative in their operations.

Master Builders Gold Coast – There is a need to embrace new modes of business transactions and models in tandem with modern-day realities. This is even more crucial for businesses operating in the real estate and property rental management industry. 

One of such transaction models that could do better with introducing a few modern strategy touches today in the real estate industry is property conveyancing. Thankfully, this article will teach you some new conveyancing practices that could be beneficial to you. 

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process where the title or the legal ownership of a property can be transferred from one party to another. It is like having an attorney specializing in family matters. At the same time, some lawyers also specialize in handling matters or transactions that ensure the smooth transfer of property rights from one party to another. 

A conveyancing lawyer performs the task of helping their clients with property settlement and transfer of ownership. Also, this lawyer ensures that parties to the contract perform their obligations as agreed in the contract.

Conveyancing usually entails carrying out obligation such as verifying and lodging different legal document like:


  • Preparation of contract
  • Conducting property search 
  • Arranging a property settlement 
  • Ensuring the building inspected are satisfactory
  • maintaining communication with financial institutions


A conveyancing lawyer ensures the entire process goes smoothly between all parties and maintains constant communication between all parties involved in the contract.

What is E-conveyancing 

The introduction of e-conveyancing has revolutionized the way and pattern of carrying out conveyancing from the traditional method of having all parties to the transaction sited together in one location. E-conveyancing has made it possible to reduce transaction time and ensure transparency in the entire process from the onset of the transaction to the end.

What is Inndox?

Unlike the traditional method of stacking files in different folders or saving information in a computer hard drive that can be exposed to risk and damage over time, most conveyancing companies now use the Inndox platform. The benefit of using Inndox is that clients can sign their files electronically online, reducing stress and time. 

Inndox also has a platform where all documents relating to property contracts can be stored electronically and enable clients easy access to all important documents instantly.

Benefits of using Inndox?

  • Inndox is a property logbook or an online property management system that enables you to capture, record, and share information that has to do with your property with the larger community within a short period. Such information includes building plans, property inspection reports, and appliance warranties.


  • Inndox ensures all relevant information that has to do with your property is well protected. 


There will always be a demand for the transfer of property rights from one party to another. Hence, property conveyancing is a field that would never go out of fashion. The future looks bright for this industry as technology has brought about more innovative and stress-free ways to get this done.