The majority of new home builders frequently undervalue the necessity for storage space in their new homes. Their thoughts frequently turn to the master bedroom spa tub they want to build, the pool area, the media room, or even the study room they’ve always wanted. A storage area is the last thought that comes to their minds. This is wrong, after all.

People are collectors by nature and desire a place to store everything without having an untidy appearance in their homes. The availability of good storage space is one of the first and most important things to look out for before making an offer, and if it is not present, it may be a deal breaker. If you have previously purchased or rented a home similar to the one you currently plan to build, you will be aware of this.

Storage space is an important component you should think about whether you want to or not; even if you don’t care about it greatly, you should at least think about it in case you want to sell the house in the future.

in order to assist you in adding more storage space to your custom home designs. Here are some suggestions for both open and concealed storage that you can use.

A mudroom with cubbies

Once you’ve experienced the value of having a mudroom in your house, you’ll never want to go back to living without one. Before entering your house, you can quickly kick off your shoes and take off your damp coat in the mudroom. To store winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, a mudroom should always contain cubbies or shelves, but many people are unaware of this.

The advantages of having a mudroom in your home are numerous. In the beginning, it makes extra room in the entrance by keeping everything organised and securely stored. Additionally, because they aren’t stacked on top of each other, it keeps your shoes or coat from being dusty.

The perfect kitchen pantry

When constructing a home, a kitchen pantry is frequently overlooked. But since nobody wants to fill up their entire kitchen cabinet with food storage, building a nice kitchen pantry in their house becomes important. A large pantry is typically preferable, but if you must have a smaller one, make sure it is built in such a way that you can store any foods you intend to keep inside. Imagine how pleasant it will be to have everything you need in a well-stocked pantry that is simple for you to use, so you can enjoy cooking rather than spending time looking through your cabinets.

Hidden storage under your stairs

Your stairways don’t have to squander space beneath them like most stairways do. When planning the layout of your custom home, you can use this room as storage. This is a fantastic method to keep items concealed while yet making them accessible.

Books, collectibles, outdoor gear, seasonal decorations, and other objects can all be kept in this storage space.


The best thing about creating a custom home is that you may include as many of these storage suggestions as you like. Build the ideal house to meet your needs and fulfil your aspirations.