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After getting ignored for a few years, Directory Submissions have again emerged as one of the most powerful and safest link building strategies for SEO purposes. But many digital marketers have been using these directories for the SEO purposes and have spammed them, resulting in getting penalized by Google. It has made it difficult to find quality directories to submit your listing. 

This article will list out the power of directories for SEO and how you can find the quality directories, free as well as paid to get your business registered. Below are the three significant resources which you can use to find the quality directories:

  1. Directory Critic
  2. DMOZ
  3. Digital Point Forums

Directory Critic focuses on providing a comprehensive list of directories which have different sorting criteria like PR, type od directory (free or paid), overall point rating and much more. The website also offers a myriad of advertisers and other services which the businesses can take advantage of in improving the SEO of the website.

The directory lists are further divided into new directories, general directories like free, paid, deep links, reciprocal, article, and niche directories. You will find that most of the new directory lists are start-ups and it is advised to check out the general and niche directory lists. Directory Critic currently has 3,085 free business directories and 3,912 paid directories in its database.

The best way to submit your listing is to sort these lists by PR and start submitting from the top of the list. The business is submitted to these directories not with a purpose to generate traffic but to improve the SEO and ranking in the SERP’s. 

Therefore, try to secure links from the high PR directories as well as from some of the high-quality directory lists. Usually, these niche lists cover all the major industry topics like health, SEO, sports, blogging, shopping, adult, travel etc. Not only this, they even have geographical categories like Australia, UK, US, Canada etc. 

DMOZ is the best resource when it comes to selecting the directories for a business listing. You need to take full advantage of the DMOZ deep mining technique to find the best directory for your business listing. Using DMOZ deep mining technique, you can find plenty of niche-focused, highly relevant directories to list your business. For finding niche-specific industries, follow these steps:

  1. Select the category to which your business belongs.
  2. Get more specific and select the exact niche of your business.
  3. Select the directories category, or occasionally the guides and directories category.

All the directories you will find after narrowing down your categories will really be powerful ones as they are listed in DMOZ. So, without wasting any time, simply get your business listed in the directories you will find in the result and see the improvement in your SEO ranking. 

Talking about the Digital Point Forums, it is the largest webmasters forum and an essential resource for improving SEO and digital marketing. To list your business, it has two major categories where a wide range of information and services related to directory submissions are available.

In the directories category, you will find the thread topics mainly focusing on these topics:

  • Directory owners announcing that their directories are open for submissions.
  • Users looking for help and advise on how to select the directories for submitting your business. 
  • Users offering a list of directories; both free and paid.

You will also find the sub-section in this directories where you will find the best-suited directories for your business to list in. All the categories in the Digital Point Forums offer plenty of opportunity to the companies looking to submit their listing in the directory listing.