There is no doubt that one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family is to build a house. Everybody needs a place they can call home. This is the place they retire to at the end of their daily hustling and bustling. It is also the place they get to connect and interact with family members daily. This is why more people in recent times are building houses and investing in the real estate industry. 

Of course, you need all the space you can get in your home, because space will afford you the chance to feel relaxed, at home, and explore more activities with your family in the house. For this reason, many modern home designers have gotten into the habit of designing bigger houses for more space. But then, solving the problem might not end at just adding more space to your home. You will also have to cut down on the properties you bring in your house for better results. 

A recent article by Marketwatch claims that the Australian dream of owning big homes is an overrated concept. It also claims that there is barely a real need for most big houses in Australia today. Instead, these houses are just used for cluttering stuff. This assertion is in line with our opinion on building houses with too many rooms in Australia. 

A lot of families in Australia today do not have any need for a large chink in their home. What this means is that they might have wasted money and resources, building the extra space in their home. This also means that many Australian homes today can live comfortably in smaller houses than what they currently have. 

According to a study published recently by Jeanne E. Arnold, Enzo Raggazzini, Anthony P. Graesch, and Elinor Ochs, one of the reasons why people become interested in more space for their house in the first place is because they have too many properties and is trying to create space for accommodating all of them. Some of the findings listed in the study include: 

  • That managing large volumes of properties was a crushing issue in many households, which contributes to increasing the stress hormones for mothers in such homes. 
  • That only about 25% of the space in most garages could be used for packing cars because a lot of stuff has already been stored in such garages.
  • That the rise of big-box stores like San’s Club and Costco has promoted the impulse to stockpile things like cleaning and food supplies. And that this makes clutter much difficult to contain. 

Other problems were also discovered by the study, including that families rarely use the space in their backyard, even in friendly weather conditions. 

The biggest lesson from the study is that there is currently a problem with storing too much in Australian homes. This leads to clusters in these homes, subsequently causing owners to look for more space. Thus, the bigger problem for most Australian homes is not too many rooms but too many properties.