One of the easiest ways for boosting your local business and increasing its visibility on Google is through business directories. It might sound easy but let me tell you, the whole process of getting listed in a business directory involves a lot of technicalities. Usually, the local business directories offer various types of free and paid listings with multiple packages. Further, there can be intermediaries which might not themselves be directories but can forward your information to the other such directories. In this article, we will discuss about the costs of obtaining such local listings for your local business:

Finding the right directories

It is essential that you make the investment at the right place and therefore you need to find the right directory and not waste time on sites which are not apt for your local business.

Directories ranking for your business

The first and foremost thing to be considered is where your business stands in the listings you have selected. It can be checked by typing your business name on Google. Then it would be best if you also looked for the link to claim your business which can be found at different places. It is crucial so that you can add that link to your website.

Directories ranking for your competitors

Besides your own rankings, once you have claimed your listings, then you will want to start finding new ones. This new search will also give you an idea about your competitors. Instead, these directories can also act as a means to discover more about your competitors. They can also be found by searching their name on Google.

Directories ranking for your keywords

Having the right keywords incorporated in your directory listing is essential to get a good Google ranking. These keyword searches done by the potential customers will lead them to your website. So, make sure you use high-rating keywords. You can also keep track of the keywords to get an idea on what they are ranking and then, using the same for your listing as well.

Claiming and creating local business directory listings

Getting a listing is usually the easier part of the process, whereas getting them verified is the most challenging part. This verification depends upon the network. Some networks might not need to verify your listing whereas some might need them to be verified using your email address, through an automated call or through a texting system which will be done using your phone number. However, some network might also require you to speak at a live representation for verification of your listing.

The cost of local business listings

Besides time, the business listings also require funds. There are specific business directories which offer you the directories for free; on the other hand, there are some which provide additional benefits beyond basic listings on a certain price. This price can be between $29 – $499 a year.

This might seem reasonable and a good deal but here you are paying for such listings also which you might have gotten for free. So to decide whether it is worth paying or not, these tips will help you in understanding the additional understanding of the same:

Check the directory’s search traffic

Before opting for the funds, one must decide as to what is the search traffic for the local business directory. Once you know the search traffic, you should also compare the same to other local business directories as well. This comparison will help you decide whether you should buy that package or not.

Determine the directory’s reputation

Also before buying out any package, you should be sure that is it any scam or not. This can be searched by using the name of the directory along with the word “scam”. If the directory is involved in any scams, this search will provide you with the same information and will also verify the reputation of the directory. It can also provide the reviews of the customers, which can be a great guide to know more about the directory.

But, if the directory shows good traffic, fewer complaints and negative reviews, then you can choose to get your business listed in it.

Look for activity in your category

The work does not stop here; you must continuously keep looking in your category and over your competitors as to what sort of reviews and engagement they are getting. If these continue, that means that your website is getting traffic because otherwise there is no point in adding additional costs. It also applies to directories which allow you to create a free listing but then charge you for additional benefits. If the business in a particular category is not getting the required reviews or traffic then continuing the same will just add onto to extra cost and not be in favour of continuing the same.

See where your listing will be placed

The worth of your money can only be realised when you get the required traffic on your first page. This is especially important for those local business categories which rank the first page of the website using the targeted keywords. So the placement of such business in the proper category is essential to attract the required traffic.

This will not only narrow down the results for the page but will be a significant boost as people are likely to click through onto your business. Lower the rankings, lesser are the chances of the audience getting onto your page.

In conclusion

In the end, these directories are a great asset for boosting the business. But you have to ensure due diligence in researching the right directory and category. Once the listings are live, you have to continuously keep a check on the directory for reviews, tips and other engagements.