When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to watch Kirra when it was firing. Some of the world’s best surfers would be catching thigh-burningly long right handers for hundreds of metres at a time. If I was super lucky, I’d score an ice-cream, and we’d sit in the cool of the evening watching peeling barrel after peeling barrel until it got too dark to see. At this point, my dad would turn to me and say ‘I wonder what the poor people are up to right now?’ I never answered. I knew well enough that many of my dad’s questions were rhetorical, but also because I was confused. We weren’t rich, by any stretch of the imagination. What was he talking about?

It wasn’t until I was a young man that I realised what he meant: The Gold Coast makes you feel royal. Whether you’re a prince or pauper, the beauty of the place makes everyone feel like the luckiest person on earth. And your bank account has nothing to do with it. As a buyers advocate Gold Coast, I love sharing that feeling with my clients.

  • The beaches

The sand is more white, and the water more turquoise than usual. There is so much coastline that there is always a little slice for you to carve out and call your own. You can’t live the Gold COast lifestyle without some sand between your toes. And for those who want to venture into the water, there are waves for days. Surfers Paradise is aptly named.  Within a short drive there is Burleigh, Snapper, D-Bah and Kirra. Given that we enjoy 300 days a year of sunshine, your options are endless.

  • The vibe

Have you ever been somewhere and just felt the energy of the place, as though something was pulsating just below the surface? You will often understand this when you’ve felt its opposite; lacklustre, dull and dead. As a buyers advocate Gold Coast, I will often advise my clients to just wander around at night so that they can feel the buzz of nightlife, cafes, restaurants and bars. If you are so inclined, there are bars where the drinks dont stop from dusk ‘til dawn. It makes Sydney seem like a mausoleum.

  • The prospects

This buzz is driven by the number of young people who call the Gold Coast home. The region boasts three world class institutions (Griffith, Southern Cross and Bond), so whether you are looking to start something new, or you just want options for your kids someday, the Gold Coast has got you covered. If uni isn’t your thing, the health and medical sector is booming so there are many employment opportunities whether it be a trade or in some kind of service industry. Plus, the Gold Coast is a regional centre, so overseas students can stick around after studies more easily. It just means your access to interesting people, food and cultures is so much greater.

  • The hinterland

This is the most underrated part of the Gold Coast for me. Turn from the stunning coastline (trust me, it will be worth it), and head west into the Lamington National Park. It resembles the lively Daintree several hours north, but it is just on the back doorstep. 

I could go on and on. But instead of just reading about it, come and see. I would love to be your buyers advocate Gold Coast and show you around. You too might have that same realisation I did all those years ago: The Gold Coast makes you feel like a king, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your bank balance. The sun is just as warm, the water just as perfect. 

It is the great equaliser.